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aw <br />Addendum to AT&T ILEC Intrastate Pricing Schedule <br />Case Number FL18-0634-00 <br />AT&T MA Reference No. 139535UA <br />CUSTOMER ("Customer") <br />AT&T ("AT&T" <br />Indian River County <br />For purposes of this Pricing Schedule, AT&T means the Service <br />Street Address: 1800 27th St <br />Provider specifically identified herein. <br />City: Vero Beach <br />State: FL Zip Code: 32960 - <br />Billing Address <br />Street Address: 1800 27th St <br />City: Vero Beach <br />State: FL Zip Code: 32960 - <br />CUSTOMER Contact (for Contract Notices) <br />AT&T Sales Contact Information and <br />for Contract Notices <br />Name: Manny Cabo <br />Name: Nancy Vinez <br />Title: Telecom Manager <br />Title: Account Manager 2 <br />Telephone: 772-226-1318 Fax: <br />Telephone: 561-568-3971 Fax: - - <br />Email: <br />Email: <br />Street Address: 1800 27th St <br />Attention: Assistant Vice President <br />City: Vero Beach <br />Street Address: 2180 Lake Blvd., 70 Floor <br />State: FL Zip Code: 32960- <br />City: Atlanta State: GA Zip Code: 30319 <br />With a copy to: <br />AT&T Corp. <br />One AT&T Way, Bedminster, NJ 07921-0752 <br />ATTN: Master Agreement Support Team <br />Email: <br />This Pricing Schedule Addendum ("Addendum") for the service(s) identified below ("Service") is part of the Agreement referenced above. <br />Customer requests that its identity be kept confidential and not be publicly disclosed by AT&T or by any regulatory commission, unless <br />required by law. <br />THE UNDERSIGNED PARTIES, AT&T Florida, ("Company") and Indian River County ("Customer"), hereby agree, as acknowledged by <br />their appropriate signatures as set out below, to amend and change Pricing Schedule FL09-6810-03. This Addendum is based upon the <br />following terms and conditions as well as any Attachment(s) affixed and the appropriate lawfully filed and approved Guidebooks which are <br />by this reference incorporated herein. <br />Page 1 of 5 <br />AT&T and Customer Confidential Information <br />