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other research and development activities and where such activities are not included in <br />the instruction function. <br />4. Term The Subrecipient acknowledges and agrees that the Grant is limited to the fiscal <br />year(s) see attached list ("Grant Period"). The Grant Period and performance start date <br />commences on see attached list. <br />Grant Funds and Payment. The approved Grants for the Grant Period is see attached <br />list ($5,028,502). The amount of federal funds obligated under this Contract by the <br />County to the Subrecipient is see attached list ($2,61 1-amauntof the <br />Awards committed to the Subrecipient by the County is see attached list ($5,028,502). <br />The total amount of federal funds obligated to the Subrecipient by the County, including <br />the current obligation is see attached list ($2,616,626). The County agrees to reimburse <br />the Subrecipient from such Grant funds for actual documented costs incurred for Grant <br />Purposes provided in accordance with this Contract. Reimbursement requests may be <br />made no more frequently than monthly. Each reimbursement request shall contain the <br />information, at a minimum, that is set forth in Exhibit "C" attached hereto and <br />incorporated herein by this reference. SRA shall not be subject to the travel expenses <br />and sick or vacation payments to employees policies set forth in exhibit C. All <br />reimbursement requests are subject to audit by the County. In addition, the County may <br />require additional documentation of expenditures, as it deems appropriate. <br />6. Indirect costs. Subrecipient is permitted to charge an indirect cost rate of 0% to the <br />federal award, because indirect costs are charged directly through an approved indirect <br />cost allocation plan (Exhibit E). (The rate shall be based on either the County's federally <br />negotiated indirect cost rate or, if no such rate has been obtained, a fixed rate of 10% <br />of modified total direct costs). <br />7. Additional Obligations of Subrecipient. <br />7.1 Records. The Subrecipient shall maintain adequate internal controls in order to <br />safeguard the Grant. In addition, the Subrecipient shall maintain adequate records fully <br />to document the use of the Grant funds for at least three (3) years after the expiration <br />of the Grant Period. The County and its auditors shall have access to all books, <br />records, documents and financial statements as required by the County to meet <br />federal requirements or by this Section for the purpose of inspection or audit during <br />normal business hours at the County's expense, upon five (5) days prior written <br />notice. <br />Page 2 <br />