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(1) A provision specifying a scope of work that clearly establishes the tasks that <br />the Recipient is required to perform. <br />(2) A provision dividing the agreement into quantifiable units of deliverables that <br />must be received and accepted in writing by the Division before payment. Each deliverable must be <br />directly related to the scope of work and specify the required minimum level of service to be performed <br />and the criteria for evaluating the successful completion of each deliverable. <br />(3) A provision specifying the financial consequences that apply if the Recipient <br />fails to perform the minimum level of service required by the agreement. <br />(4) A provision specifying that the Recipient may expend funds only for allowable <br />costs resulting from obligations incurred during the specified agreement period. <br />(5) A provision specifying that any balance of unobligated funds which has been <br />advanced or paid must be refunded to the Division. <br />(6) A provision specifying that any funds ,paid in excess of the amount to which <br />the Recipient is entitled under the terms and conditions of the agreement must be refunded to the <br />Division. <br />I. In addition to the foregoing, the Recipient and the Division shall be governed by all <br />applicable State and Federal laws, rules and regulations. Any express reference in this Agreement to a <br />particular statute, rule, or regulation in no way implies that no other statute, rule, or regulation applies. <br />2. CONTACT <br />A. In accordance with section 215.971(2), Florida Statutes, the Division's Grant <br />Manager shall be responsible for enforcing performance of this Agreement's terms and conditions and <br />shall serve as the Division's liaison with the Recipient. As part of his/her duties, the Grant Manager for <br />the Division shall: <br />payment. <br />(1) Monitor and document Recipient performance; and, <br />(2) Review and document all deliverables for which the Recipient requests <br />B. The Division's Grant Manager for this Agreement is: <br />Kizzy K. Caban <br />2555 Shumard Oak Boulevard <br />Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2100 <br />Telephone: (850) 815-4348 <br />Email: <br />2 <br />