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SECTION 00942 - Change Order Form <br />No. 1 <br />DATE OF ISSUANCE: April 18, 2018 EFFECTIVE DATE: April 18, 2018 <br />OWNER: Indian River County <br />CONTRACTOR: Blue Goose Construction. <br />Project: Pelican Pointe Water Service Replacement <br />OWNER'S Bid No.: WA 2017-006 <br />You are directed to make the following changes in the Contract Documents: Perform additional <br />work under Labor Contract pay items not included in WA 2017-006. <br />Reason for Change Order: <br />Additional work was necessary to complete the project including: the replacement of additional <br />water services, casing pipe, exploratory excavations ("potholes") to locate existing service <br />connections, repair of underground electric and irrigation lines, lawn restoration, demolition and <br />removal of existing concrete sidewalk and driveways, contractor -purchased material, etc. Change <br />Order amount reflects deduction of contingency for final pay application. <br />Attachments: See itemized schedule <br />CHANGE IN CONTRACT <br />PRICE: <br />Time <br />Description <br />Amount <br />Original Contract Price <br />$70,809.75 <br />Net Increase (Decrease) <br />$0.00 <br />from previous Change <br />Orders No. : <br />(days) <br />Contract Price prior to this <br />$70,809.75 <br />Change Order: <br />Net increase (decrease) of <br />$68,330.95 <br />this Change Order: <br />(days or dates) <br />Contract Price with all <br />$139,140.70 <br />approved Change Orders: <br />CHANGE IN CONTRACT TIMES <br />-Description <br />Time <br />Original Contract Time: <br />(days or dates) <br />Substantial Completion: <br />Final Completion: <br />Net change from previous Change <br />Orders No.: <br />(days) <br />Substantial Completion: <br />Final Completion: <br />Contract Time prior to this Change <br />Order: <br />(days or dates) <br />Substantial Completion: <br />Final Completion: <br />Net increase (decrease) this <br />Change Order: <br />(days or dates) <br />Substantial Completion: <br />Final Completion: <br />Contract Time with all approved <br />Change Orders: <br />(days or dates) <br />Substantial Completion: <br />Final Completion: <br />r\G lJ\JIVIIVI G I V VGV. <br />APPROVED AS TO FORM <br />AND LEGAL SUFFIC15NC <br />COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />a� <br />H <br />U <br />0 <br />U <br />w <br />0 <br />