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AGREEMENT FOR MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS OF INDIAN RIVER <br />PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SERVICES <br />by and between <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />and <br />SENIOR RESOURCE ASSOCIATION, INC. <br />This agreement (Agreement), entered into this 19th day of June , 2018, by and <br />between the Indian River County Board of County Commissioners (County) and the Senior <br />Resource Association, Inc. (SRA), establishes the responsibilities of each of the parties with <br />respect to obtaining and administering public transportation capital and operating assistance <br />authorized by 49 USC, Section 5307 and other provisions of Federal and State law governing the <br />provision of Public Transportation services. The purpose of this agreement is to comply with <br />Federal Transit Administration and FDOT requirements to establish formal procedures for grant <br />application and administration activities. <br />Recognizing that Indian River County has a need for public transportation service, the County <br />agrees to provide the SRA with capital funding and operating assistance to provide such service. <br />County funding will be a combination of federal grant funding, state grant funding, and local <br />funding. In consideration of receipt of this funding, the SRA agrees to maintain and operate a <br />Public Transportation system within Indian River County according to the provisions of this <br />Agreement, the Scope of Work of contained in Indian River County Request for Proposals (RFP) <br /># 2018040 (Attachment 1), and SRA's response to RFP# 2018040. <br />I. The parties mutually agree to cooperate in providing public transportation service within <br />Indian River County. Accordingly, each party acknowledges its responsibilities as <br />detailed below, and agrees to discharge these responsibilities in the referenced <br />timeframes. <br />II. This Agreement shall be in effect through June 30, 2023, with 2 potential 2 -year <br />extensions beyond the initial five (5) year period of the agreement, exercisable at the sole <br />discretion of the County. Any revisions or modifications to this Agreement must be <br />mutually agreed upon by both parties in writing. This Agreement may be terminated by <br />SRA upon the provision of at least nine (9) months prior written notice. This Agreement <br />may also be terminated upon failure of either party to discharge in good faith the duties <br />and responsibilities prescribed in this Agreement. <br />III. The parties hereby designate the following official representatives for purposes of this <br />agreement: <br />County: MPO Staff Director <br />SRA: Chief Executive Officer <br />Indian River County Public Transportation Service Agreement Page 1 <br />