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PROCLAMATION <br /> DESIGNATING NOVEMBER 11 , 2013 <br /> AS VETERANS DAY <br /> WHEREAS, on May 13, 1928, Congress approved an Act designating November 11th as <br /> Armistice Day, commemorating the end of World War I and paying tribute to the heroes of that <br /> war, and on June 1, 1954, Congress approved an Act changing the name of Armistice Day to <br /> Veterans Day in order to also pay tribute to the veterans of World War II and veterans of all wars <br /> who have contributed so much to the preservation of our Nation-, and <br /> WHEREAS, over 18,000 veterans of all wars presently reside in Indian River County, <br /> which is host to approximately 20 veteran organizations-, and <br /> WHEREAS, local veterans, individually and collectively as members of veteran <br /> organizations, contribute in many ways to the welfare and betterment of the social, cultural and <br /> economic life of Indian River County-, and <br /> WHEREAS, the Indian River County Veterans Council consisting of representatives from <br /> various City and County veteran organizations annually observe Veterans Day, as well as all <br /> patriotic observance days, by holding ceremonies at Veterans Memorial Island Sanctuary in <br /> Vero Beach and Veterans Memorial at Riverview Park in Sebastian. <br /> �.. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br /> COMMISSIONERS, INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA that November 11, 2013 be <br /> designated as VETERANS DAY in Indian River County, and the Board urges all residents to fly <br /> the American flag to pay tribute to all veterans living and deceased, and to attend Veterans Day <br /> services at Veterans Memorial Island Sanctuary and Veterans Memorial at Riverside Park on <br /> November 11 ih <br /> Adopted this 5'h day of November, 2013. <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br /> IV <br /> O� ph E. Flescher, C airman <br /> Wesley S Davis, ice Chairman <br /> Peter D. Q' Bryan <br /> Tim or 4 l <br /> Bob Solari <br /> 2 <br />