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EXHIBIT A <br />Work Order Number 3, <br />Indian River County Department of Utility Services <br />South Oslo Rd Water Plant <br />Floridan Well Deepening and Performance Improvement <br />PROJECT UNDERSTANDING <br />Indian River County Utilities (IRCU) owns and operates six (6) Floridan supply wells <br />which are the raw water supply and source water for the South Oslo Rd water <br />treatment facility. During drilling and construction of the new wells S-7 and <br />replacement well S -4R, it was discovered that enhanced well performance and potential <br />for improved water quality can be achieved through deepening of the existing wells. <br />The specific capacity (gpm/ft) of well S -4R was improved 10 -fold over the existing and <br />abandoned well S-4 by drilling the new well S -4R deeper by more than 120 ft. <br />Therefore, it is recommended to consider deepening the existing wells while the <br />contractor is.on-site and incorporate additional drilling into their rehabilitation scope <br />while the contractor is still mobilized. Improved water quality and well performance <br />result in lower operating costs since the pumping energy is less and the membrane <br />feed -pressures are lower with better water quality. <br />The project will consist of deepening the borehole of wells' S-2, S-3, S-5 and S-6: <br />o Mobilization of a larger rig <br />Removal & restoration of electrical gear <br />® Specific capacity pump testing <br />Drilling a 15 -inch borehole <br />® Acidizing and developing well <br />Restoration of site and wellhead <br />The following scope consists of additional oversight during drilling, and coordination <br />tothe existing work order with IRCU. The well contractor, All Webbs Enterprises, Inc. <br />(AWE) is already onsite and mobilized: <br />SCOPE OF FORK <br />TASI< 1- PROJECT MANAGEMENT <br />Consultant will review schedule prepared by the contractor, provide coordination with <br />IRCU operations and subconsultant, JLA Geosciences, Inc., and provide oversight of the <br />well deepening procedures and activities by AWE. <br />KAWPB_Civil\044572039 - SCRO Well S-4 ReplacemenADeepeningURCU Floridan Well Deepening Scope - IRCU 6.11.18.doexPage 1 of4 <br />