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COSTELLO BROTHERSMARINE CONSTRUCTION, INC <br />1000 Production Drive <br />Sebring, FL 33870 <br /> <br />(863) 382`1352 - office <br />(863) 382-8693 - fax <br />EXHIBIT A <br />IRREVOCABLE DIRECTIVE OF DRAW PROCEEDS <br />TO: Indian River County, Florida ("Obligee") <br />Attn: Keith McCully <br />Costello Brothers Marine Constriction, Inc. ("Contractor") and Great Horn Financial Services, LLC <br />("Agent") have entered into a Disbursement Control Agreement relative to the construction of a project <br />known as: Main Screening Systcm Conveyor Replacement (Estimated Contract Price = S586,237.00). <br />Great Morn .Financial Services, LLC is to be employed directly by the Contractor and is in no way a party <br />to the agreement between the Obligee and Contractor. <br />A � <br />The Disbursement Control Agreement between the Contractor and Great Horn Financial Services, LLC `T <br />requires that the Obligee direct all contract funds to be deposited into a Joint Disbursement Account that <br />has been set up by the Contractor. The Obligee signing herein below irrevocably certifies that all <br />payments made to the Contractor for the construction described above will be endorsed <br />to include the words: "Deposit Only To Disbursement Control OC <br />Account # (to be provided), SunTrust Bank, Maryland". All payments are to be4silell—o e Contractor 1 <br />in care of Great Horn Financial Services, LLC <br />directly to the above-described account (additional banking information <br />below): 11) <br />If by wire or ACH, please route via: <br />SunTrust Bank <br />FBO: Costello Brothers Marine Constriction, Inc. <br />ABA: Routing No. 061000104 (wire transfers) <br />Account No. TBD <br />By signing this Agreement, Obligee further agrees to immediately notify Great Horn Financial Services, <br />LLC of any mechanic's liens; stop notices or claims to the contract funds relative to performance by <br />Contractor. <br />This certification is irrevocable by the Obligee and can only be changed by written directive of the <br />Contractor with written consent of Gray Surety and written consent of Great Horn Financial, LLC. <br />n � <br />