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STATE OF. FLORIDA <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER <br />Ackn wledged before me this �' day of �t4 I� , 2018, by �4.4ar C' ,the <br />V"-Qd,e, ' of John's Island Water Manage ent, Inc., a Florida not for profit <br />corporation, who executed on behalf .of and with full authority of the corporation, and who is <br />either personally known to me .or has produced (driver's license or :passport) <br />as identification. <br />NOTARY PUBLIC: <br />sign: `� F <br />SEAL: print:at <br />Commission No.: <br />Commission Expiration: <br />ro-IV ly P90, Notary Public Siete of Florida <br />Mary Eunice Smith <br />_ o` My Commission FF 939672 <br />ov F`1 Expires 01/0512020 <br />