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DIVISION OF <br />- - 4 <br />F <br />STATE OF FLORIDA <br />EMERGENCY <br />MANAGEMENT <br />RICK SCOTT WESLEY MAUL <br />Governor Director <br />STATEWIDE MUTUAL AID AGREEMENT <br />This Agreement is between the FLORIDA DIVISION OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT <br />("Division") and the local government signing this Agreement (the "Participating Parties"). This <br />agreement is based on the existence of the following conditions: <br />A. The State of Florida is vulnerable to a wide range of disasters that are likely to cause the <br />disruption of essential services and the destruction of the infrastructure needed to deliver those services. <br />B. Such disasters are likely to exceed the capability of any one local government to cope with the <br />emergency with existing resources. <br />C. Such disasters may also give rise to unusual technical needs that the local government may be <br />unable to meet with existing resources, but that other local governments may be able to offer. <br />D. The Emergency Management Act, Chapter 252, provides each local government of the state <br />the authority to develop and enter into mutual aid agreements within the state for reciprocal emergency aid <br />and assistance in case of emergencies too extensive to be dealt with unassisted, and through such agreements <br />to ensure the timely reimbursement of costs incurred by the local governments which render such <br />assistance. <br />E. Pursuant to Chapter 252, the Division has the authority to coordinate assistance between local <br />governments during emergencies and to concentrate available resources where needed. <br />Based on the existence of the foregoing conditions, the parties agree to the following: <br />ARTICLE I. <br />Definitions. As used in this Agreement, the following expressions shall have the following meanings: <br />1 <br />