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7. CONSENT AGENDA - CONTINUED PAGE <br />F. Release and Substitution of <br />Conservation Easement - Corrigan <br />Ranch <br />(Memorandum dated 10/17/94) <br />G. 58th Avenue Right -of -Way Acquisition; <br />Parcels #104 and 104-A, Frank G. <br />Baratta <br />(Memorandum dated 10/14/94) <br />H. Disney Vacation Development Inc.'s <br />Request for Final Plat Approval for <br />the Florida Beach Resort <br />(Memorandum dated 10/18/94) <br />I. Request for Approval of the Indian <br />River County Economic Base Study <br />(Memorandum dated 10/14/94) <br />J. Progress Report & Reimbursement <br />Invoice, 1994 Planning Grant Inv. #3 <br />(Memorandum dated 10/13/94) <br />K. Final Plat Approval for Sea Oaks <br />Lakeview Estates Planned Development <br />(Memorandum dated 10/13/94) <br />L. Award Bid #5011, Traffic Signal <br />Equipment Traffic Engineering <br />Annual Contract <br />(Memorandum dated 10/7/94) _ <br />M. Award Bid #5013, Caustic Soda <br />Utilities Dept. Annual Contract <br />(Memorandum dated 10/11/94) <br />N. Award Bid #5016, Elevator Maintenance <br />Contract and ADA Elevator Renovations <br />Buildings & Grounds Annual Contract <br />(Memorandum dated 10/7/94) <br />S. CONSTITUTIONAL, OFFICERS AND GOVERNI´┐ŻN'PAL <br />AGENCIES <br />None <br />9:05 A.M. 9. PUBLIC ITEM <br />A. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />.la. County -Initiated Actions to Resolve <br />Problems in Pine Lake Estates: <br />Subdivision Variance, Right -or -Way <br />Resolution and Scheduling of <br />Assessment Hearing <br />(Memorandum dated 10/17/94) <br />1b. THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC HEARING <br />Resolutions to Provide for the -Surveying <br />Improvements and to Set Public Hearing <br />Date for Pine --Lake Estates Unrecorded <br />Subdivision <br />(Memoraadum dated 10/3/94) <br />