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RESOLUTION NO. 95- 84 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY' <br />FLORIDA. AUTHORIZING THE ASSESSMENT OF <br />ADDITIONAI COURT COSTS FOR THE LAW <br />LIBRARY. <br />WHEREAS, the Florlda leglslature provided funding fon the <br />Indlan Rlver county Law Libmry by special Act, chapter 5?-1410; <br />8nd <br />WHEREAS, the funding mechanism is through the assessment of <br />addltlonal court costs; and <br />WHEREAS, the current amended special Act (chapter 89-401) <br />allows addltional costs of up to $20 fon Cincuit Court and $6 for <br />County Court; and <br />I{HEBEAS, the current assessment is $14 for clrcult court and <br />$4 fon County Court; and <br />WHEBEAS, the cunrent fundlng is not sufficlent to adequately <br />malntain the law llbmnY; and <br />WHEnEAS, the Special Acts governing Indlan Riven county Inrv <br />Libmry allow the Board of County Commissioners by resolution to <br />lncrease the aseessment up to the amount provided in the Special <br />Acts, <br />NOW, THEBEFORE' BE IT RESOL,VED BY THE BOARD oF <br />couNTY CoMMISSIONEBS OF INDIAN RMR COUNTy' FLORIDA <br />that: <br />1. There ghatl be taxed and cotlected by the clerk of the <br />clrcuit court of Indian River County, Florida, the sum of twenty <br />dollars ($20.00) as costs in each civil case at law or in equity and in <br />probate and gUardianship cases commenced in the circuit court in and <br />for Indian Biver county, Florida, and there shall be taxed and <br />collected by the clerk of the county court of Indian River county' <br />Florida, the sum of six dollars ($6.00) as costs in each civil case and <br />in probate and gUardianship cases commenced in the county court in <br />and for Indian River County, Florida, in addition to the costs <br />otherwise provided by law, the whole of which sum shall be set apant <br />by said clerk to be used exclusively for the purchase and <br />maintenance of the Indian River County Law Library.