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c. Contractual Liability <br /> d. Independent Contractors <br /> e. Explosion <br /> f. Collapse <br /> g. Underground. <br /> 3. Business Auto Liability: Coverage shall provide minimum limits of liability <br /> of$1,000,000 per occurrence Combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury and <br /> Property Damage. This shall include coverage for: <br /> a. Owned Autos <br /> b. Hired Autos <br /> c. Non-Owned Autos. <br /> 4. CONTRACTOR's "All Risk" Insurance: CONTRACTOR shall secure <br /> Builders' Risk"All Risk" insurance at his expense and provide properly <br /> completed and executed "Certificates of Insurance and Insurance <br /> Endorsement" forms in the exact wording and format presented in these <br /> Contract Documents before starting work. <br /> 5. Special Requirements: <br /> a. Ten (10) days prior to the commencement of any work under this <br /> Contract, certificates of insurance and endorsement forms in the <br /> exact wording and format as presented in these Contract <br /> Documents will be provided to the OWNER's Risk Manager for <br /> review and approval. <br /> b. "Indian River County Florida" will be named as "Additional <br /> Insured" on both the General Liability, Auto Liability and Builder's <br /> Risk"All Risk" Insurance. <br /> c. The OWNER will be given thirty (30) days notice prior to <br /> cancellation or modification of any stipulated insurance. Such <br /> notification will be in writing by registered mail, return receipt <br /> requested and addressed to the OWNER's Risk Manager. <br /> d. An appropriate "Indemnification" clause shall be made a provision <br /> of the Contract (see paragraph 6.20 of the General Conditions). <br /> e. It is the responsibility of the CONTRACTOR to insure that all <br /> subcontractors comply with all insurance requirements. <br /> f. It should be remembered that these are minimum requirements, <br /> which are subject to modification in response to high hazard <br /> operation. <br /> g. Insured must be authorized to do business and have an agent for <br /> service of process in Florida and have Best's Rating of A-VII or <br /> better. <br /> D. Additional Insureds: <br /> 1. In addition to "Indian River County, Florida," the following individuals or <br /> entities shall be listed as "additional insureds" on the CONTRACTOR's <br /> liability insurance policies: <br /> a. N/A <br /> SC-5.05 OWNER's Liability Insurance <br /> SC-5.05 Delete paragraph GC-5.05.A in its entirety. <br /> 00800-4 <br /> 00800-Supplementary Conditions 05-13 rev <br /> 00800 4F:\Public Works\ENGINEERING DIVISION PROJECTS\1765 Sebastian Corners Roof Replacement\1-Admin\Bid Documents\Master Contract Documents\Master <br /> Contract Documents\00800-Supplementary Conditions 05-13 rev.doc <br />