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Pare <br />Quotation <br />NUMBER: B02011086 Rev 3 <br />T0: South County WWTP <br />2500 6th Ave. SW <br />Vero Beach, FL 32962 <br />Attn: Jim Degraffenreid <br />Tel: 772.453.3500 <br />Fax: <br />E -Mail: <br />DATE: July 26, 2018 <br />REF.: Project Name: South County WWTP <br />Project Location: Vero Beach, FL <br />Original Serial #: AG -1895 <br />Rebuild #: B02011086 <br />Specification Sec.: N/A <br />Parkson Corporation proposes the reconditioning of your existing Aqua Guard® Continuous Self - <br />Cleaning Bar/Filter Screen and is pleased to provide this Rebui/d/Retr0f'it Quotation for the following: <br />ITEM 1 AQUA GUARD SELF-CLEANING BAR/FILTER SCREEN <br /># Existing Units: 1 <br />Unit #: AG -189501 <br />Model: AG -MN -A <br />1.A Existing Equipment: <br />Description <br />Screen Width: 22.5" <br />Solids Discharge Height: 11 ft. <br />has measured from the bottom of the channel to the discharge point] <br />Screen Angle: 750 <br />Screen Opening: 3 mm <br />Application / Industry: Municipal <br />Materials of Construction <br />Elements: <br />Frame: <br />Conveyor Chain: <br />Filter Element Shafts: <br />Side Plate: <br />Revised on: 06-09-2017 <br />high impact polycarbonate alloy <br />316 SS <br />316/410 <br />316 SS <br />high impact phenolic <br /> <br /> <br />AF -010 Rev 9 <br />