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Florida Power & Light Company <br />FPL CARE TO SHARE° PROGRAM AGREEMENT <br />FPL East Service Area <br />5 -Year Agreement from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2023 <br />THIS AGREEMENT is entered into between FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY, <br />hereinafter referred to as "FPL" and INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, hereinafter referred to as <br />the "Agency." The Agency should provide each of its intake offices involved in the <br />program with a copy of the executed agreement. <br />FPL's facilitation of this program agreement is delegated to FPL's Area Special Consumer <br />Services Manager, hereinafter referred to as the "FPL Area Manager." Agency <br />staff/volunteers handling intake for the program will hereinafter be referred to as <br />"Caseworkers." <br />To assist the emergency needs of people in times of hardship, FPL shareholders, <br />employees and customers are providing a contribution fund known as the "FPL Care To <br />Share"' emergency energy assistance fund for electric utility payment, also referred to as <br />"C2S." <br />As part of its obligations under this agreement, the Agency will administer the FPL Care <br />To Share funds to provide emergency energy assistance (payment of FPL bills) to eligible <br />residents in Indian River County, Florida. The Agency will serve as the administrator and <br />lead service provider for the program and may be asked to coordinate with other FPL Care <br />To Share service provider(s) in the county, as designated by FPL. <br />The Agency will register in the FPL ASSIST Program. The FPL ASSIST Program provides <br />a standardized process for the Agency to access/verify customer account information, <br />provide information to FPL for program qualification purposes and notify FPL of pending <br />agency payments. The FPL ASSIST Web Portal is the agency's primary resource to <br />access/verify account information and to make commitments. The "FPL ASSIST Office" is <br />the telephone center for the FPL ASSIST Program and serves as a secondary contact <br />point for the Agency, if needed. <br />The Agency will work with the appropriate social service providers in their area by sharing <br />FPL Care To Share program information and promoting broad access to these community <br />resources through the formal FPL Care To Share structure. <br />As a condition to this Agreement becoming effective, the Agency will furnish to FPL a copy <br />of its letter of determination of tax exempt status (not applicable for agreements with <br />county/municipal entities). <br />The Agency will determine the eligibility of energy assistance recipients, subject to the FPL <br />Care To Share program criteria. FPL will play no part in determining the eligibility of the <br />applicant for assistance, or the amount of funding an approved applicant might receive. <br />Before proceeding with eligibility assessment, the Agency must secure from the Account <br />Holder (or Applicant) a signed "Authorization for Release of General and/or Confidential <br />FPL Care To Share Program Agreement (rev 7-9-2018) <br />