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STATE OF FLORIDA <br />DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION <br />Standard Grant Agreement <br />This Agreement is entered into between the Parties named below, pursuant to Section 215.971, Florida Statutes: <br />1. Project Title (Project): Agreement Number: <br />West Wabasso Phase II Septic to Sewer Project NSO45 <br />2. Parties State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection, <br />3900 Commonwealth Boulevard <br />Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3000 (Department) <br />Grantee Name: Indian River County Entity Type: Local Government <br />Grantee Address: 180127th Street, Vero Beath, Florida 32960-3365 FEID: 59-6000674 <br />(Grantee) <br />3. Agreement Begin Date: Date of Expiration: <br />Upon Execution 2/28/2020 <br />4. Project Number: ProjectLocation(s): <br />(lfdiiferentfromAgreement Number) West Wabasso, Indian River County© <br />Project Description: The Project includes the construction of a gravity sewer system within the Whitfield Subdivision of West <br />Wabasso and conversion of existing septic systems to central sewer. <br />5. Total Amount of Funding: <br />$450,000.00 <br />Funding Source? Award #s or Line Item Appropriations: Amount per Source(s): <br />® State ❑Federal Line Item 1624, GAA, FY 2016-17 $450,000.00 <br />❑ State ❑Federal <br />❑ Grantee Match <br />i otai Amount of t, undmg + Urantee Match, if any: $450,000.00 <br />6. Department's Grant Manager Grantee's Grant Manager <br />Name: Chris Williams Name: Arjuna Weragoda <br />or successor or successor <br />Address: 3900 Commonwealth Blvd., MS3570 Address: 1801 27th Street <br />.Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3000 <br />Phone: 850-245-2948 <br />Vero Beach, Florida 32960-3365 <br />Phone: 772-226-1821 <br />Email: Email: <br />7. The Parties agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the following attachments and exhibits which are hereby <br />incorporated by reference: <br />W Attachment 1: Standard Terms and Conditions Applicable to All Grants Agreements <br />W Attachment 2: Special Terms and Conditions <br />d Attachment 3: Grant Work Plan <br />V Attachment 4: Public Records Requirements <br />0 Attachment 5: Special Audit Requirements <br />❑ Attachment 6: Program -Specific Requirements <br />❑ Attachment 7: Grant Award Terms (Federal) *Copy available at littos://facts. fldfs.c9M in accordance with §215.985, F.S. <br />❑ Attachment 8: Federal Regulations and Terms (Federal) <br />❑ Additional Attachments (if necessary): <br />W Exhibit A: Progress Report Form <br />❑ Exhibit B: Property Reporting Form <br />W Exhibit C: Payment Request Summary Form <br />❑ Exhibit D: Quality Assurance Requirements for Grants <br />❑ Exhibit E: Advance Payment Terms and Interest Earned Memo <br />❑ Additional Exhibits (if necessary): <br />DEP Agreement No. NSO45 Rev. 4/30/18 <br />