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l+sovidinq (First Remo.) 1/5/94(ENG)RES1.MAG\gfk <br />RESOLUTION NO. 95-96 <br />A'RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, PROVIDING FOR <br />CERTAIN PAVING AND DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS TO 130TH <br />AVENUE (WILLOW STREET) FROM CR512 SOUTH TO 77TH <br />STREET/DITCH 24, APPROXIMATE LENGTH 2.21 MILES. <br />PROVIDING THE TOTAL ESTIMATED COST, METHOD OF <br />PAYMENT OF ASSESSMENTS, NUMBER OF ANNUAL <br />INSTALLMENTS, AND LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF THE AREA <br />SPECIFICALLY BENEFITED. <br />WHEREAS, the County Public Works Department has initiated <br />a public improvement assessment with the cooperation from the <br />Fellsmere property owners for Road Paving and Drainage Improvement <br />for 130th Avenue (Willow Street) from CR512 south to the Berry <br />Groves entrance. <br />WHEREAS, the construction of paving and drainage <br />improvements by special assessment funding is authorized by Chapter <br />206, Section 206.01 through 206.09, Indian River County Code; and <br />cost estimates and preliminary assessment rolls have been completed <br />by the Public Works Department; and the total estimated cost of the <br />proposed paving and drainage improvements is SEVEN HUNDRED FORTY <br />FOUR THOUSAND, SIX HUNDRED FIFTEEN DOLLARS and TWENTY-ONE CENTS <br />($744,615.622); and <br />WHEREAS, the benefited area includes areas in the <br />incorporated City of Fellsmere and unincorporated Indian River <br />County, the cost to be borne by the incorporated City of Fellsmere <br />shall be as set out in duly adopted resolutions and assessment <br />rolls enacted by the incorporated City of Fellsmere. <br />WHEREAS, the amount to be assessed to properties in the <br />unincorporated County shall be the total project cost less the cost <br />assessed to properties in the incorporated City of Fellsmere by the <br />City of Fellsmere. The assessment for properties in the <br />unincorporated county shall be determined as follows: <br />1. A front footage charge of $6.00 per front foot in the <br />unincorporated county; and <br />2. A 75% portion of an assessment based on the proportion of <br />property's acreage to the total number of acres in the <br />benefited district in the unincorporated county. The <br />