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County's current Land Development Regulations. The site related non -conformities are <br />approved through a cure site plan approved by the County pursuant to IRC Code §904.05(5). <br />The property owner shall be responsible for construction of the improvements shown on the <br />cure site plan within two years of the roadway work. The legal non -conformities established <br />by the cure plan consist of parking, drainage, open space, traffic and landscaping related <br />criteria. A sketch of the Paradise property after the right of way has been taken is attached as <br />Exhibit "D" and incorporated herein by reference. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned have executed this Exchange as of the date first set <br />forth above. <br />Indian River County Board <br />of County Commissioners <br />�A 4_')l <br />Peter D. O'Bryan, <br />.G6�31AiY C04 . <br />r <br />Date Signed: October 16, 2018 <br />Attest: Jeffrey R. Smith <br />Clerk to the Board and Comptroller <br />By4epI / n <br />uty Clerk <br />Appr,.%,oA - <br />LIM <br />Approved as to form and legal sufficiency: <br />By: <br />William K. DeBraal <br />Deputy County Attorney <br />