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ATTACHMENT 1 to WORK ORDER NUMBER 2 <br />SHALLOW MARSH #2 LANDSCAPINIG SERVICES AT OSPREY ACRES <br />FLOWAY AND NATURE PRESERVE <br />SCOPE OF WORK <br />The COUNTY has requested that the CONSULTANT provide landscaping and exotic <br />elimination services in Shallow Marsh #2 at the COUNTY's Osprey Acres Floway and <br />Nature Preserve (hereinafter "Osprey Acres"). The Work is generally described below. <br />Landscaping Services: Furnish and install landscaping materials, plants, etc. and <br />maintain plantings and eliminate exotics as more specifically specified or implied in Exhibit <br />A (Section 02235 — Specifications), Exhibit B (Drawings SML-1 and SML-2), and Exhibit C <br />(Scope of Work), included herein. <br />**END OF ATTACHMENT 1** <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />F:\Public Works\KeithM\Stormwater Projects\Osprey Acres\Work Orders\GK Environmental\GKE 2\Work Order 2.doc <br />