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BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />A TRUE COPY <br />CERTIFICATION ON LAST PAGE <br />J.R. SMITH, CLERK <br />O <br />4 2 <br />FLOR[�p' <br />October 15, 2018 <br />Mr. Wesley Maul <br />Director <br />Florida Division of Emergency Management <br />2555 Shumard Oak Boulevard <br />Tallahassee, FL 32399 <br />Dear Mr. Maul: <br />Indian River County is an award recipient of the Emergency Management Preparedness and <br />Assistance (EMPA) Grant. Per Chapter 27P-19.011(2) of the Florida Administrative Code, if <br />the Base Grant recipient does not comply with the match requirements in subsection 27P- <br />19.011(1), the recipient may request that the Division authorize a reduction in the amount of <br />the match required. Please consider this letter as Indian River County's request for a <br />reduction in the required match. <br />Due to employee turnover, Indian River County's Emergency Management Agency has seen <br />a reduction of $79,879 or 15.9% from last year's budget and $32,875 or 7.2% from the <br />average of the previous three years' budgets. The Agency's long time Emergency <br />Management Director retired in April of 2018 which caused an employee training overlap and <br />a vacation payout. These circumstances caused the Fiscal Year (FY) 2017/18 budget to be <br />higher than any other previous year. Although staff does not anticipate the budget reaching <br />FY 2017/18 figures again soon, returning to previous budget levels is expected to happen by <br />FY 2019/20. <br />Enclosed please find the requested financial data for the previous three years and the budget <br />detail regarding all individual items of the County Emergency Management Agency's budget. <br />Indian River County appreciates your attention to this matter and looks forward to returning to <br />previous funding levels. If you have any questions, please contact Kristin Daniels at (772) <br />226-1307. <br />Sincerely, <br />{ <br />Peter D. O'Bryan ��FRcouii�' <br />Chairman, Indian River County Board of County Commissioners <br />