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of the Grant Period. The County shall have access to all books, records, and <br />documents as required in this Section for the purpose of inspection or audit during <br />normal business hours at the County's expense, upon five (5) days prior written <br />notice. <br />5.2 Compliance with Laws. The Recipient shall comply at all times with all applicable <br />federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations. <br />5.3 Audit Requirements. If Recipient receives $100,000 or more in the aggregate from <br />all Indian River County government funding sources, the Recipient is required to have <br />an audit completed by an independent certified public accountant at the end of the <br />Recipient's fiscal year. Within 180 days of the end of the Recipient's fiscal year, the <br />Recipient shall submit the audit to the Indian River County Office of Management and <br />Budget. The fiscal year will be as reported on the application for funding, and the <br />Recipient agrees to notify the County prior to any change in the fiscal period of <br />Recipient. The Recipient acknowledges that the County may deny funding to any <br />Recipient if an audit required by this Contract for a prior fiscal year is past due and has <br />not been submitted by May 1. <br />5.3.1 The Recipient further acknowledges that, promptly upon receipt of a qualified <br />opinion from their independent auditor, such qualified opinion shall immediately be <br />provided to the Indian River County Office of Management and Budget. The qualified <br />opinion shall thereupon be reported to the Board of County Commissioners and <br />funding under this Contract will cease immediately. The foregoing termination right is <br />in addition to any other right of the County to terminate this Contract. <br />5.3.2 The Indian River County Office of Management and Budget reserves the right <br />at any time to send a letter to the Recipient requesting clarification if there are any <br />questions regarding a part of the financial statements, audit comments, or notes. <br />5kllnsurance.Rea uirements., Recipient shall, no'later than October,1, 2018, _provide <br />toy -ti e` -I -d" - -River County Risk Management -Division --a -cert icate orcertificates <br />;.: issued -by -an. risurer or, insures; authorized -to conduct business in Florida thatris rated <br />not. less'than- categ%ory A VII by,+A:M.:Best; subject„fa_appt0VekV';by,;tndian�-_River <br />:County-s��isl -manager, of the following types and'amounfs of <br />(i). Commer•cial­ General .Liability . Insurance in- an, amount' -not less , than <br />$1;000000"combined'. single limit for `bodily- injury 'arid"7 ropefty. damage,,: <br />including -co`v'erage ,for premises/operations; products/cofffoleted operations, <br />contractuaI IiabiIity, and independent 'contractors; <br />(ii)-Business_.Au(o: Liabiiity..Insurance. in.�an,.'amount not less: ,than: $1,000,000 ' <br />;,per occurrence combined s�ng{e= limifi for bodily m�ury' and ;property' damage;, <br />-And luding coverage'-for_owned;autcs'and other'veliicles, Mired autos and. other <br />1.­­_­_­ <br />enon-owned autos and other vehicles; and <br />(iii) Workers'. Compensation and Employer's. Liability (current Florida statutory <br />..limit) <br />--(iv) In the event. that children. are supervised, Sexual Molestation. Liability," <br />'Insurance in an amount not Iess than $1,000,000 each_ occurrence/claim. <br />5.5 Insurance Administration. The insurance certificates, evidencing all required <br />insurance coverages shall be fully acceptable to County in both form and content, <br />and shall provide and specify that the related insurance coverage shall not be <br />