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Indian River County Grant Contract <br />This Grant Contract ("Contract") entered into effective this 1st day of October 2018 by and between <br />Indian River County, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, 1800 27th Street, Vero Beach FL, <br />32960 and Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce <br />700 Main Street <br />Sebastian, FL, 32958-3889 �cef <br />- pirr Q .1010 <br />For Tourism Function for Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce 5 <br />Background Recitals <br />A. The County has determined that it is in the public interest to fund the Tourism Function of the <br />Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce. <br />B. The Recipient, by submitting a proposal to the County, has applied for a grant of money <br />$98,729 for the Grant Period 10/1/2018 — 9/30/2019 on the terms and conditions set forth <br />herein. <br />C. The County has agreed to provide such Grant funds to the Recipient for the Grant Period (as <br />such term is hereinafter defined) on the terms and conditions set forth herein. <br />NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and promises herein contained, and <br />other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which are hereby acknowledged, <br />the parties agree as follows: <br />1. Background Recitals The background recitals are true and correct and form a material <br />part of this Contract. <br />2. Purpose of Grant The Grant shall be used only for the purposes set forth in the <br />complete proposal submitted by the Recipient attached hereto as Exhibit "A" and <br />incorporated herein by this reference (such purposes hereinafter referenced as "Grant <br />Purposes"). <br />3. Term The Recipient acknowledges and agrees that the Grant is limited to the fiscal <br />year 2018/19 ("Grant Period"). The Grant Period commences on October 1, 2018 and <br />ends on September 30, 2019. <br />4. Grant Funds and Payment The approved Grant for the Grant Period is 10/1/2018 - <br />9/30/2019 for $98,729. The County agrees to reimburse the Recipient from such <br />Grant funds for actual documented costs incurred for Grant Purposes provided in <br />accordance with this Contract. Reimbursement requests may be made no more <br />frequently than monthly. Each reimbursement request shall contain the information, at <br />a minimum, that is set forth in Exhibit "B" attached hereto and incorporated herein by <br />this reference. Recipient shall not be subject to the travel expenses policies set forth <br />in Exhibit B. All reimbursement requests are subject to audit by the County. In <br />addition, the County may require additional documentation of expenditures, as it <br />deems appropriate. <br />5. Additional Obligations of Recipient. <br />EXHIBIT B <br />