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Financial Project Number(s): <br />(item -seg ment-phase-sequence ) <br />407190-4-84-01 <br />Contract Number: <br />CFDA Number: <br />CFDA Title: <br />CSFA Number: <br />CSFA Title: <br />N/A <br />N/A <br />STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION <br />PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION <br />GRANT AGREEMENT <br />Fund(s): <br />Work Activity Code/Function: <br />Federal Number/Federal Award <br />Identification Number (FAIN) — Transit only: <br />Federal Award Date: <br />Agency DUNS Number: <br />55.010 <br />Public Transit Block Grant Proaram <br />Form 725.000-01 <br />STRATEGIC <br />DEVELOPMENT <br />OGC 09M8 <br />FLAIR Category: 088774 <br />215 Object Code: 751000 <br />Org. Code: 55042010429 <br />Vendor Number: <br />79208989 <br />THIS PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION GRANT AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is entered into this day of <br />, by and between the State of Florida, Department of Transportation, ("Department"), <br />and Indian River County BOCC, ("Agency"). The Department and the Agency are sometimes referred to in this <br />Agreement as a "Party' and collectively as the "Parties." <br />NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual benefits to be derived from joint participation on the <br />Project, the Parties agree to the following: <br />1. Authority. The Agency, by Resolution or other form of official authorization, a copy of which is attached <br />as Exhibit "D", Agency Resolution and made a part of this Agreement, has authorized its officers to <br />execute this Agreement on its behalf. The Department has the authority pursuant to Section(s) 341.052, <br />Florida Statutes, to enter into this Agreement. <br />2. Purpose of Agreement. The purpose of this Agreement is to provide for the Department's participation <br />in To orovide Block Grant fundina for operatina assistance to Indian River Countv BOCC for its urbanized <br />area public transportation., as further described in Exhibit "A", Project Description and <br />Responsibilities, attached and incorporated into this Agreement ("Project"), to provide Department <br />financial assistance to the Agency, state the terms and conditions upon which Department funds will be <br />provided, and to set forth the manner in which the Project will be undertaken and completed. <br />3. Program Area. For identification purposes only, this Agreement is implemented as part of the Department <br />program area selected below (select all programs that apply): <br />_ Aviation <br />_ Seaports <br />X Transit <br />_ Intermodal <br />Rail Crossing Closure <br />Match to Direct Federal Funding (Aviation or Transit) <br />Other <br />4. Exhibits. The following Exhibits are attached and incorporated into this Agreement: <br />X Exhibit A: Project Description and Responsibilities <br />X_ Exhibit B: Schedule of Financial Assistance <br />_ *Exhibit B1: Deferred Reimbursement Financial Provisions <br />*Exhibit B2: Advance Payment Financial Provisions <br />_ *Exhibit C: Terms and Conditions of Construction <br />X Exhibit D: Agency Resolution <br />X Exhibit E: Program Specific Terms and Conditions <br />X_ Exhibit F: Contract Payment Requirements <br />X *Exhibit G: Financial Assistance (Single Audit Act) <br />*Additional Exhibit(s): <br />1 of 25 <br />