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© 2018 CDM Smith <br />All Rights Reserved <br />CHANGE ORDER <br />Indian River County Landfill, <br />6706-221060 <br />Issued for Bid/January 2018 <br />No. 01 <br />Project: Segment 3 Cell 2 Expansion, Segment 2 Partial Closure, and Landfill Gas System Expansion <br />DATE OF ISSUANCE November 9, 2018 EFFECTIVE DATE November 5, 2018 <br />OWNER Indian River County <br />OWNER'S Contract No. IRC Bid No. 2018025 CDM Smith Project No. 6706- <br />228608 <br />CONTRACTOR Thalle Construction Co., Inc. <br />ENGINEER CDM Smith Inc. <br />You are directed to make the following changes in the Contract Documents: <br />Description: 105 day extension to the Milestone 1 time <br />Reason for change order: Wet weather conditions. <br />Attachments: (List documents supporting change) <br />CHANGE IN CONTRACT PRICE <br />CHANGE IN CONTRACT TIME <br />O inal Contract Price <br />Original Contract Times <br />Milestone 1 - November 5, 2018 <br />$ <br />Substantial Completion: No change <br />Ready for final payment: No Change <br />Days or dates <br />Net changes Chang rders <br />Net change from previous Change Orders <br />\mprevious <br />No. to No <br />No. to No. <br />$ <br />Not Applicable --days <br />Contract Price prior to hi hange Order <br />Contract Time prior to this Change Order <br />Milestone 1 - February 18, 2019 <br />$ <br />Substantial Completion: No change <br />Ready for final payment: No Change <br />Days or dates <br />Net Increase (d rease) in this C ge Order <br />Net Increase in this Change Order <br />$ <br />Milestone 1 + 105 days <br />days <br />Contra Price with all approved Change rders <br />Contract Time with all approved Change Orders <br />$ N Chan a in Contract Price <br />Sulllst Cpmpletion: No Change <br />.R�+•fi7r•ff,' , yment: No Change <br />'•'s Days or dates <br />RP AlP VED: sAEPT <br />By: <br />ENGIN R (Aut rized Signature) OWNER (Autho' tature�;CANT CT (Authorized V, <br />Signa e) Bob Solari, C an....\OP•...• H <br />Date: Date: November 2�•;•� Date: <br />EJCDC No. C-800 ( 007 Edition) <br />Prepared by the Engineers Joint Contract DoWMENOW�y The Associated <br />General CONTRACTORs of America. <br />Conformed - May 2018BY rR Supplementary Conditions <br />DYLAN RE.INGOLD 00800-33 <br />COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />aha <br />