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CONTRACT DOCUMENTS AND <br />SPECIFICATIONS <br />FOR <br />45th STREET BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT <br />PHASE II <br />BID NO. 2019008 Brian A <br />PROJECT NO. IRC -1748 Good <br />PREPARED FOR <br />THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />PETER D. O'BRYAN, CHAIRMAN <br />BOB SOLARI, VICE CHAIRMAN <br />COMMISSIONER SUSAN ADAMS <br />COMMISSIONER JOSEPH E. FLESCHER <br />COMMISSIONER TIM ZORC <br />JASON E. BROWN, COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR <br />JEFFREY R. SMITH, CLERK OF COURT AND COMPTROLLER <br />DYLAN REINGOLD., COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />RICHARD B. SZPYRKA, P.E., PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR <br />JAMES W. ENNIS, P.E., PMP, COUNTY ENGINEER <br />WILLIAM JOHNSON, P.E., ROADWAY PRODUCTION ENGINEER <br />Digitally signed by Brian A <br />Good <br />DN: cn=Brian A Good, c=US, <br />o=KIMLEY-HORN AND <br />ASSOCIATES INC., <br />ou=KIMLEY-HORN AND <br />ASSOCIATES INC., <br />email=brian.good@Kimley- <br /> <br />Date: 2018.09.13 10:52:42 - <br />04'00' <br />00001 - Project Title Page - REV 04-07 <br />00001 -1 <br />F \Public Works\ENGINEER ING DIVISION PROJECTS\1748 Gifford Neighborhood - 45th Street Beautification Project Phase II\1-Admin\RE-bids\Bid Documents\Master <br />Contract Documents\00001 - Project Title Page - REV 04-07.doc <br />