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requirements of the Issuer. In the event revenues of existing or projected <br />facilities operated by the Issuer are to be pledged to repayment of the <br />Debt Instruments then under consideration, the survey will take into <br />account any outstanding indebtedness payable from the revenues <br />thereof, additional revenues to be available from any proposed rate <br />increases and additional revenues, as projected by consulting engineers <br />employed by the Issuer, resulting from improvements to be financed by <br />the Debt Instruments under consideration. <br />2. Future Financings. Consider and analyze future financing needs as <br />projected by the Issuer's staff and consulting engineers or other experts, <br />if any, employed by the Issuer. <br />3. Recommendations for Debt Instruments. On the basis of the <br />information developed by the survey described above, and other <br />information and experience available, submit to the Issuer <br />recommendations regarding the Debt Instruments under consideration, <br />including such elements as the date of issue, interest payment dates, <br />schedule of principal maturities, options of prior payment, security <br />provisions, and such other provisions as may be appropriate in order to <br />make the issue attractive to investors while achieving the objectives of <br />the Issuer. All recommendations will be consistent with the goal of <br />designing the Debt Instruments to be sold on terms which are <br />advantageous to the Issuer, including the lowest interest cost consistent <br />with all other considerations. <br />4. Market Information. Advise the Issuer of our interpretation of current <br />bond market conditions, other related forthcoming bond issues and <br />general information, with economic data, which might normally be <br />expected to influence interest rates or bidding conditions so that the date <br />of sale of the Debt Instruments may be set at a favorable time. <br />5. Elections. In the event it is necessary to hold an election to authorize the <br />Debt Instruments then under consideration, Masterson will assist in <br />coordinating the assembly of such data as may be required for the <br />preparation of necessary petitions, orders, resolutions, ordinances, <br />notices and certificates in connection with the election, including <br />assistance in the transmission of such data to a firm of municipal bond <br />attorneys ("Bond Counsel") retained by the Issuer. <br />B. Debt Management and Financial Implementation. At the direction of <br />Issuer, Masterson shall: <br />1. Method of Sale. Evaluate the particular financing being contemplated, <br />2 <br />