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312e180068435 RECORDED IN THE RECORDS OF JEFFREY R. SMITH, CLERK OF CIRCUIT COURT INDIAN RIVER CO FL <br />BK: 3162 PG: 1420,11/9/2018 4:24 PM D DOCTAX PD 50.70 <br />This document was prepared by: <br />Indian River County Attorney's Office <br />1801 27th Street <br />Vero Beach, FL 32960 <br />(772) 226-1425 <br />ACCESS AND PARKING/TURNAROUND EASEMENT <br />THIS GRANT OF EASEMENT, made and executed this 1 7 day of July , 2018, by <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, having a mailing address of <br />1801 2711 Street, Vero Beach, Florida, 32960, hereinafter called GRANTOR and DATAPATH TOWER, <br />LLC, a Florida limited liability company, whose mailing address is 1700 66th Street N., Suite 203, <br />St. Petersburg, Florida 33710, hereinafter called GRANTEE. <br />WITNESSETH: <br />That GRANTOR for and in consideration of the sum of TEN DOLLARS ($10.00) and other <br />valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by these presents does grant, <br />bargain, sell, alien, remise, release, convey, and confirm unto the GRANTEE, a perpetual easement <br />for ingress, egress and parking/turnaround over, across, and beneath the following described land, <br />situate in Indian River County, Florida, with the maintenance responsibility being the responsibility of <br />Grantee, to -wit: <br />See Exhibit "A" attached hereto. <br />And GRANTOR hereby covenants with said GRANTEE that the GRANTOR is lawfully seized of <br />said servient land in fee simple, and that the GRANTOR has good right and lawful authority to convey <br />the easement established hereby and will defend the same against the lawful claims of all persons <br />whomsoever. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the GRANTOR has hereunto set its hand and seal the day and year <br />first above written. <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA J`. ........ so <br />/ t <br />BY: i <br />Peter D. O'Bryan, Chairman U <br />Date BCC Approved: June 1 2__2LI-� RCOUNrf <br />Approved: <br />By <br />Jason E. ro <br />County dmi <br />Attest: Jeffrey R. Smith, Clerk of Court <br />''•�4nd Com troller <br />uty Clerk <br />Approved as to form and legal sufficiency <br />William K. De raal <br />Deputy County Attorney <br />