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AGREEMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES <br />This contract for professional services (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement's is by and <br />between Anfield Consulting, Inc. a privately -owned corporation registered in the State of <br />Florida (hereinafter referred to as "ANFIELD"), and Indian River County of the State of <br />Florida (hereinafter referred to as "CLIENT"). ANFIELD and CLIENT shall collectively <br />be referred to as the "Parties." <br />(1) Services: ANFIELD shall assist CLIENT with lobbying all relevant issues before <br />the State Legislature and the Executive Branch including all relative agencies. Specific <br />services shall .include, tracking of legislation impacting the County, drafting legislation as <br />needed, securing sponsors for bills and amendments and passage of same. Promoting and <br />secure appropriations for projects as requested. In addition ANFIELD shall serve as a <br />representative and spokesperson in meetings with state, regional and local governmental <br />entities, members of the Florida Legislature, executive and legislative branch staff, and <br />other stakeholders in Florida. <br />All representations made by ANFIELD on CLIENT'S behalf shall be subject to prior <br />approval by CLIENT'S authorized representative, Jason Brown, County Administrator or <br />his designee. <br />(2) Term and Compensation: The term of this Agreement will commence on January <br />1, 2019, and end December 31, 2019. CLIENT will pay ANFIELD the sum total of one <br />hundred and twenty thousand dollars ($120,000.00) to perform the services specified in <br />Section (1) (the total sum may also be referred to as the "fee"). Fee payment shall be made <br />as follows: twelve (12) payments in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) each <br />shall be payable monthly beginning with the following month, and upon receipt of an <br />invoice from ANFIELD. All payments will be made by check or money order consistent <br />with Section (3) of this Agreement. <br />After consultation and with prior approval from CLIENT, ANFIELD may retain the <br />services of third parties as necessary to successfully complete all assignments from <br />CLIENT. Unless otherwise agreed to by CLIENT any additional representation shall be <br />included under the terms of this agreement. <br />The retainer and monthly fee payable to ANFIELD covers all incidental costs or fees <br />related to services provided by subcontractors identified by ANFIELD and authorized by <br />CLIENT for retention such as regular U.S. mail, copies, and telephone. However, <br />ANFIELD shall be entitled to reimbursement in addition to the retainer and monthly fee <br />for those additional expenses including but not limited to business travel, lodging, state or <br />local lobbying registration or renewal fees, express mail costs, costs of preparing <br />Page 1 of 3 <br />