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A TRUE COPY <br />CERTIFICATION ON LAST PAGE <br />J.R. SMITH, CLERK <br />RELEASE OF CONSERVATION EASEMENT <br />WHEREAS, as a special condition of the development order for the <br />Development of Regional Impact known as the Indian River Mall, a Conservation <br />Easement was placed over Lot 5 of the plat of the Indian River Mall in favor of <br />the County, due to the discovery of hand fern present on the property making up <br />Lot 5. The Conservation Easement was recorded in OR Book 1072, Page 2581, <br />Public Records of Indian River County; and <br />WHEREAS, in coordination with interested entities, County staff has <br />determined that the hand fern is no longer present on Lot 5 and the retention of <br />the Conservation Easement serves no public purpose; and <br />WHEREAS, the Indian River County Board of County Commissioners, at <br />its regular meeting on June 12, 2018, entered into an Agreement (amended <br />September 11, 2018, and November 13, 2018) with the prospective developer of <br />Lot 5, REDEVGROUP, INC., where the County would release the Conservation <br />Easement over Lot 5 in exchange for interests in two other environmentally <br />valuable properties: the Siew property near Round Island Park and the Kinner <br />property near Quay. Dock Road; and <br />WHEREAS, the County has received a deed to the Siew property as <br />recorded in Official Record Book 3171, Page 212, and a Conservation Easement <br />over the Kinner property as recorded in Official Record Book 3168, Page 141, <br />Public Records of Indian River County, Florida; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, THIS RELEASE OF EASEMENT is executed on <br />behalf of the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, a political <br />subdivision of the State of Florida, whose mailing address is 1801 27th Street, <br />Vero Beach, Florida 32960, Grantor, to: <br />IR Niall Associates, LTD, a Florida limited partnership <br />Its successors in interest, heirs and assigns, Grantee, as follows: <br />Indian River County does hereby release and abandon all right, title, and <br />interest that it may have in that Conservation Easement recorded in OR Book <br />1072, Page 2581, Public Records of Indian River County. <br />