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• 1 <br /> IBNR 1 .1965 <br /> • <br /> area 8 nu 176 <br /> • On Motion made by Commissioner'Waddell, ascended by Commissioner <br /> Haffield and unanimously carried, the following Resolutions were <br /> • <br /> adopted, • , <br /> COUNTY COMMISSIONERS RESOLUTION <br /> • <br /> On motion of Commieaioner Waddell , seconded by Commissioner Eaftield <br /> the following resolution was adopted; <br /> EREBUS, the State Road Deportment of Florida has authorized and requested <br /> INDIAN RITBA County'to furnish the necessary rights of way, borrow pita and ease • <br /> mento for that portion of Section 50507,dtate Rad 8.09, esteedteg tree Coto Rea! <br /> . NoAaerly sheag Rook Rood to east.Road 50, <br /> • <br /> which has been surveyed and located by the State Road Department as a map <br /> on file in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of said County, end in the <br /> office of the said Department at Tallahassee, and <br /> NfEMS, the said Department will not begin construction of said portion of <br /> • said Section in said County until title to all land necessary for said portion of <br /> eeid Section has been conveyed to or vested in said State by said County, end said ' <br /> lands are physically cleared of all occupants, tenants, fences, buildings and/or <br /> other structures and improvements uponor encroaching within the limits of the land <br /> required for seid'portion of Said Section= and <br /> WHEREAS, the said County is financially unable at this time to provide•the <br /> necessary funds to acquire Gadd rights of way, borrow.pits and easements; now there- <br /> fore, be it <br /> • RESOLVED, that the State Road Department of Florida be end it is hereby re- <br /> quested to pay for the rights of War, borrow pits end easements for said road, in- <br /> cluding the removal of buildings, fences and other structures and improvements there- . <br /> on, and for other caponses of acquiring title to said:rights of way, borrow pits and <br /> easements by purchase or condemnation, from ouch funds and under such conditions as <br /> are sat out in the contract hereto attached] and be it further <br /> • RESOLVED, that'eaid County, through its Board of County Commissioners, comply j <br /> • <br /> with the request of said Deportment and procure, convey or vest in said State the <br /> free, clear and unoncurbered title to all lands necessary for said portion of said • <br /> Section, mid deliver to the State Road Department aaid lands physically clear of all• <br /> occupants, tnnan+e, fences, buildings and/or other structures end improvements situate <br /> upon or enuroachlnr,within the limits of the Londe required for said portion of paid <br /> Section and that the Chairman and the Clerk of this Board be•and they are hereby <br /> authorized and directed to execute end deliver on behalf of said County to said De- <br /> partment the Contract in the form hereto attached; and be it further <br /> RESOLVED, that the attorney for this Board be, and he is hereby authorized <br /> and directed to proceed to take the necessary steps for the County to acquire in the <br /> name of said County by donation, punccese, or condemmnetion said rights of way, borrow <br /> pits and easements for said portion of said Section„and to prepare in the name of <br /> said County by its County Commissioners all condemnation papers, affidavits and <br /> pleadings, and prosecute all condemnation proceedings to judgment; and.furnish to the <br /> Department the abstract�Jsearch provided for in arid Contract. <br /> • ATE OP <br /> CTOUNTY OFP163311 al <br /> • <br /> ' I HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of reedlution <br /> passed by the Board of County Cemmdosionera of �� eZ�a :Ce i t�'g, u)'is o, at <br /> meeting held the 24th der of IitMb ,.A.D. 1965 , and recdrdbdp in fha'ComEleia}7�nez <br /> minutes • <br /> r +}:• S <br /> w , <br /> • <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto set ay hand and oifiaizl\eeey,thik;: tilt* <br /> of WCXOh , A.D. 19 69 ��: ;%: . <br /> •(SEAL) • C of co 'NESS <br /> OF COUN'1Y, •";•••A <br /> • <br /> • <br /> • <br /> • <br /> • <br /> • <br /> • <br /> • <br /> - • <br /> - <br />