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MAR 241965 <br />8001 9 W180 <br />Resolution for <br />County Deed <br />Parcel No. Iml <br />Section ­77` -A <br />State Road <br />8th County <br />RESOLUTION <br />ON MOTION of Commissioner Weddell , seconded by <br />Commissioner $affield , the following Resolution was adopted. <br />WHEREAS, the State Road Department of Florida has established loca- <br />tion for that part of State Road , designated as Section, <br />Job = , between Daw 20d 64 <br />and proposes to construct and maintain the same as a part of its Secondary Road <br />program; and, Whereas,L1' County is vested with all right <br />of way required for said road; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the Board of County Co=issioners of <br />County does hereby affirm that it is vested with all of the required right of <br />way for said portion of said State Road, and that said right of way is legally <br />clear and has been physically cleared of all buildings, fences and other im- <br />provements; that all utility poles, lines, cables, pipes and other facilities <br />have been removed or adjusted as required for construction of said project by <br />the State Road Department or such removal, and/or adjustments have been ar- <br />ranged for and will be effected without delay to the State Road Department and/or <br />its contractors; and the State Road Department is hereby requested to proceed <br />with the construction and maintenance of said portion of said State Road; and <br />r".= =2 County hereby agrees to save harmless the State Road De- <br />partment, its contractors, agents and employees, from all claims arising out of <br />such construction and maintenance of said road within the right of way aforesaid <br />and to defend any and all lawsuits to completion and satisfy any and all judg- <br />ments therein made, at the County's expense. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the Board of County Commissioners of <br />County, does hereby authorize the execution of a deed conveying the herein- <br />above described property to the State of Florida for the use and benefit of the <br />State Road Department. <br />:.s <br />STATE OF FLORIDA <br />COMTN OF TCE+1f3 i� <br />I IMUW CERTM that the foregoing is t c / o�+*��'�te5p , op <br />adopted by the Board of County Commissioners of _ Y .' Co a ;y :, � <br />Florida, t a meeting of said Board held on the day. @ brta++ �! '�': q <br />A. D. 19_E. _ '.: i <br />WITNESS my hand and official seal on this 2i <br />A. D. 19 �'i ;9,zc �l i ', .;mac' ''A <br />-Clerk toY <br />sinners of <br />Florida. <br />