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Board of Commissioners <br />SWDD Meeting Minutes - Final January 22, 2019 <br />B. Solid Waste Disposal District <br />15.8.1. 19-0056 <br />The Board reconvened as the Board of Commissioners of the Solid Waste <br />Disposal District. The minutes will be approved at an upcoming Solid Waste <br />Disposal District meeting. <br />CCNA-2018 Work Order No. 4 to Geosyntec Consultants for Engineering <br />Services with a Focused Feasibility Study for Use of a Deep Injection Well for <br />Disposal <br />Recommended Action: Solid Waste Disposal District staff recommends that its Board approve the <br />following: a) Approve CCNA-2018 Work Order No. 4 with Geosyntec in the <br />amount of $27,500 to provide engineering services related to the Focused <br />Feasibility Study for Use of a Deep Injection Well for Disposal; and, b) <br />Authorize the Chairman to execute the same, as presented <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />CCNA-2018 Work Order No 4 - Geosyntec <br />Director of Utility Services Vincent Burke provided the background of his <br />request to explore options for the treatment and disposal of leachate, centrate <br />and wet -weather liquids. He clarified that the County had worked with <br />Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. (Geosyntec) in the past, and he requested the <br />approval of a work order for Geosyntec to perform a Focused Feasibility Study <br />for the use of a deep injection well for disposal. Director Burke confirmed <br />that, if approved, he would return to a future meeting to provide options for <br />consideration by the Board. <br />Commissioner Zorc suggested looking at the excess capacity of a permitted <br />deep injection well on the property formerly owned by INEOS New Planet <br />Bioenergy LLC, presently owned by Frankens Energy LLC (Frankens Energy). <br />Director Burke provided feedback, noting that it was his understanding that <br />Frankens Energy was looking into the integrity of the well due to their interest <br />in having the well repermitted. <br />Commissioner O'Bryan voiced his concern for deep injection wells; however, <br />he supported high-level discussions with agencies such as the Florida <br />Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and the St. John's Water <br />Management District (SJWMD) to provide additional options for disposal, <br />noting the increased number of septic -to -sewer conversions and the growth <br />involving new developments requiring connection to the County's sewer <br />system. <br />Chairman Solari was not supportive of moving the item forward, making <br />mention of the articles he had recently read regarding biosolids contaminating <br />the drinking water. <br />Indian River County Florida Page 1 <br />