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Board of Commissioners <br />SWDD Meeting Minutes - Final February 19, 2019 <br />15. SPECIAL DISTRICTS AND BOARDS <br />B. Solid Waste Disposal District <br />15.B.1. 19-0166 <br />Recommended Action: <br />The Board reconvened as the Board of Commissioners of the Solid Waste <br />Disposal District. The minutes will be approved at an upcoming Solid Waste <br />Disposal District meeting. <br />CCNA-2018 Work Order No. 4 to Geosyntec Consultants for <br />Engineering Services with a Focused Feasibility Evaluation of Landfill <br />Liquids Management Options <br />Solid Waste Disposal District staff recommends that its Board approve the <br />following: a) Approve CCNA-2018 Work Order No. 4 with Geosyntec in the <br />amount of $30,989 to provide engineering services related to the Focused <br />Feasibility Study to explore leachate/centrate treatment and disposal options; <br />and, b) Authorize the Chairman to execute the same, as presented <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />CCNA-2018 Work Order No. 4 - Geosyntec <br />Director of Utility Services Vincent Burke presented a Work Order to give <br />Geosyntec Consultants the authority to explore alternative treatment and <br />disposal options for the combined leachate and centrate liquids. He estimated <br />that staff would be returning to the Board in either April or May of 2019, to <br />present a summary of findings from the Focused Feasibility Study. <br />Commissioner Zorc suggested that there may be a use for the chemical <br />composition after the water has been extracted. Director Burke was in favor of <br />having a current leachate analysis performed, including a metal scan to <br />determine the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) issues. <br />A motion was made by Commissioner O'Bryan, seconded by Vice Chairman <br />Adams, to approve staffs recommendation. The motion carried by the following <br />vote: <br />Aye: 5 - Chairman Solari, Vice Chairman Adams, Commissioner Flescher, Commissioner <br />O'Bryan, and Commissioner Zorc <br />15.6.2. 19-0167 <br />Recommended Action: <br />Conceptual Approach for Concrete, Site Work and Yard Waste <br />Processing at the Indian River County Landfill <br />Solid Waste Disposal District staff recommends that its Board approve the <br />following: a) Approve the conceptual approach for concrete, site work and <br />yard waste processing at the landfill; b) Approve a policy change, effective <br />March 1, 2019, to stop accepting and processing wooden pallets in the yard <br />waste facility and to direct them for disposal in the Class 1 landfill at current <br />approved tipping rates; c) Direct staff to proceed with an RFP for Yard Waste <br />Processing services; and, d) Direct staff to proceed with a bid for concrete <br />crushing and site work on the landfill property <br />Indian River County Florida Page 1 <br />