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R 1 SOLUTION <br />SYlIEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River <br />County, Florida, did, on ;January 21, 1958, adopt a resolution <br />locating and fixing a bulkhead line offshore from any existing <br />lands 'bordering on, and being in the navigable waters of Indian <br />River County,;E'lorida, prohibiting any fill or extension of land <br />beyond, said bulkhead line, requiring applications for permission <br />and approval from' proper authorities before any filling or dredging <br />may be made in such waters; and otherwise regulating the filling, <br />dredging, development and use of the land covered by said waters, <br />and, <br />WHEREAS., said Board heretofore proposed to change the existing <br />bulkhead line along :a part of the east shore of Indian River in <br />,Indian River"County, Florida, and, <br />WHEREAS, said Board diad publish once each week for three (3) <br />consecutive weeks, August 9, 16, and 23, 1962, in Vero Beach Press <br />Journal, a newspaper of general circulation, published in Indian „ <br />River °County, Florida, a notice of hearing on said proposal, and, <br />WIlEREAS, said 'Board, acting by and 'through its County Engineer, <br />did send copies of such notice by certified or registered mail to <br />each riparian owner of upland lying within 1000 feet of the land <br />which would be affected by -the proposed change of bulkhead line, <br />'addressed t0 such7owner as his name avid address appears upon the <br />latest County tax assessment roll, and, <br />WHEREAS, at'fhe time and place stated in said notice, to 'wit: <br />,8:00 A. M. on Thursday, September 6, '1962, in the County Commis- <br />s*oners Room, Indian River County Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida, <br />said public hearing was duly held and at said public hearing no <br />objections were,voiced to'the proposed change of bulkhead line, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Board °of Cpunty Commissioners of Indian <br />liiver County, Florida„ that the existing bulkhead lino along a part <br />of the' east* shore of the Indian River in Indian River County, Florida, <br />shall be and the same is herewith and hereby changed so that,, as <br />changed, the bulkhead line along that part will be described as fol- <br />lows: <br />From' tile point of 'intersection of`a line due east of <br />the mouth of the St. Sebastian Ri,er and the center- <br />line of the'approach channel to-Ke`Sebastian Inlet, run <br />due the existing east shoreline.of the Indian <br />River as the Point of Beginning;'Thence follow the shore- <br />line• to a pipe" which is 1472 =feet South,. 0 degrees - <br />17''minutes,- 55, seconds East^and, 110 feet South, 89 degrees -- <br />42 minutes"- 05 -seconds West of,, tile common corner of See- <br />•,tions^.20,•21", 28, and 29 of'Township 80 South, Range 39 <br />Fast,• Indian River County, Florida. <br />Thence run Soixth 25'degrees 14 minutes 51 seci�nds <br />East oil a tangent -linea distance of ,10, OGO feet, to a pipe <br />on the East shore of the Indian River at the'intersection <br />of the township line,bet-ween*,Townships 30 and- 31 South, <br />:•Range 39,'East,'said pipe being 1216 feet West of the com- <br />mon,corner of Sectioins 33 and 34;.Township 30 South, Range, <br />'39 hast, and Sections ,3 ana 4, Townshlp-31 South, Range <br />39 East <br />t, <br />