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RESOLUTION 85-128 (con't) <br />Subsequent modifications in the project design pursuant to <br />other Development Order conditions or requirements may <br />vary from or modify items contained in the Application for <br />Development Approval. <br />COMMENCEMENT OF DEVELOPMENT <br />2. Failure to initiate construction and physical development <br />within three years from the effective date of the <br />Development Order, or failure to maintain reasonable <br />progress toward completion of the development after having <br />initiated construction in a timely manner, shall <br />constitute a substantial deviation and the development <br />shall be subject to further consideration pursuant to <br />Section 380.06, Florida Statues. <br />Construction shall be deemed to have initiated and <br />physical development commenced after placement of <br />permanent evidence of a structure (other than a mobile <br />home) on the site, such as the pouring of slabs or work <br />beyond the stage of excavation or land clearing, which <br />exhibits a good faith effort to commence and continue the <br />construction of the project. <br />TERMINATION DATE <br />3. This Development Order shall terminate on November 1, <br />2005. <br />TRANSFER OF APPROVAL, <br />4. Notice of transfer of all or a portion of the subject <br />property shall be filed with the Indian River County Board <br />of County Commissioners. Prior to transfer, the <br />transferee shall assume in writing on a form acceptable to <br />the county attorney, any and all applicable commitments, <br />responsibilities, and obligations pursuant to the <br />Development Order. The intent of this provision is to <br />ensure that subsequent property transfers do not <br />jeopardize the unified control, responsibilities, and <br />obligations required of the project as a whole. <br />AIR <br />5. Clearing of specific building sites shall not commence <br />until the developer is ready to build the building or <br />buildings to be located on that site. <br />6. During land clearing and site preparation, wetting <br />operations or other soil treatment techniques appropriate <br />for controlling unconfined emissions, including seeding <br />and mulching of disturbed areas, shall be undertaken and <br />implemented by the developer to the satisfaction of the <br />Florida Department of Environmental Regulation, and in <br />accordance with Indian River County's Tree Protection <br />Ordinance. <br />HISTORIC AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES <br />7. In the event of discovery of any archaeological artifacts <br />during project construction, the developer shall stop <br />construction in that area and immediately notify the <br />Division of Archives, History and Records Management in <br />Pagel <br />