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; •...� <br />v624aor� ammENrARYITAMPS <br />Orepared By and Return to: (5.00 OEM•a61` 60 <br />sd •(p�NMI <br />Donald N. SchneiderCf <br />CgR10NWFALTH LAND TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY Dy—imp .WRon= am <br />2601 20th Street REcon M� f�tlllry <br />Vero Beach, FL 32960 JEFFgE pr 'PIEDCD <br />o <br />File No.: VB26900 CLERK Cln�r,8ARTON <br />Property A�pQret ers Parcel Identification NumbNft "IR�A�iq �9v0A000.7000.00001.7 <br />'FU <br />p <br />Grantee(s)'S.S s): <br />Co <br />................................. .... WARRANTY•... ........E.O...... ....................... <br />co <br />THIS 1NDENiVAE, Made December a IJ►. 1993 between: <br />VIRGINIA WALKER RUSSELL, INDIVIDUALLY AND AS TRUSTEE OF THE VIRGINIA WALKER RUSSELL TRUST <br />whose post office address is: P. 0.8BOX <br />H1236 32961 <br />hereinafter called the grantor. to: <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY. A POLITICAL_ SUBDIVISION OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA. <br />whose post office address is: VE4R0 65TH TREL 32960 <br />hereinafter called the grantee:_ -e <br />('grantor" and grantee are used for singular or plural, as context requires) _ <br />WITNESSETH: That the antor, fo and in consideration of the sum of TEN and No/100 010-00) W' <br />Dollars, and other and valua�le consideration to the grantor in hand Daid b the grantee <br />the receipt of whlcli is here�byy acknowledged, hes granted. bargained and sold to pe grantee. <br />indlnd an e'sRivheirs an florlde.fto wit: t following described land. situate. ying and being <br />SEE EXHIBIT 'A' ATTACHED HERETO AND MME A PMT HEREOF <br />Grantor herein states that the subject property does not constitute grantor's homestead <br />no the homestead of any of grantor's family. nor is It contiguous to grantor's homestead. <br />TO HAVE AND TO HOLD. the same in fee simple forever. <br />AND the grantor hereby fully warrants the title to said land and will defend the same <br />against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever. <br />SUBJECT Tpp covenants. restrictions, easements of record and taxes accruing subsequent to <br />December 31, 1993. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF. the grantor has signed and sealed these presents the day and year <br />first above written. <br />Signq. sealed a d liveredin ur presence: <br />ASI <br />iTRUSTEE OF THE Vf iA WALKER <br />�7— R SSELL TRUST <br />11 V1 Ge APPRO D Al, TO rMv1 COUNTY ATTQRN51r'S Or -!ICC <br />AND <br />AND LEi..Uw ++LEGAL.`�urrICIENCYI INDIAN RIYE t COJ%Ty <br />10<0 25% •.lrrel <br />Y4ro aoath, Florits 32960 <br />STATE OF Florida Chpllos P. V1111,13c <br />COUNTY OF Indian River County Aaoiney <br />THE FOREGOING instrument was acknowledged before me on December a (,)1-. 1993 <br />by VIRGINIA WALKER RUSSELL . who has produced her a <br />ns as identification and <br />who did not take an oath. �- <br />My Commission Expires: <br />o ry 1g a <br />�� <br />An c. �, <br />-;r4, e Lary S gna ure <br />CAU a. VAHCe <br />se.igs. at cwaao !w <br />u+ro a <br />«oma <br />o r00UMrarre+owuovN <br />woucc <br />