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S <br />"EXHIBIT A" <br />File No. V827289 <br />P <br />THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED PROEPRTY FOR ADDITIONAL ROAD RIGHT OF WAY: <br />The West 56 feet of the East 136 feet of the South 622.66 feet of Section 17, <br />Township 33 South, Range 39 East, LESS the South 60 feet thereof, according to <br />the last general plat of lands of the INDIAN RIVER FARMS COMPANY, recorded in <br />Plat Book 2, page 25 of the Public Records of St. Lucie County, Florida, further <br />described as follows: <br />Commence at the Southeast corner of the said Section 17, and run along the <br />Section line North 89 dev. 11' 16" West a distance of 136 feet to a point. Thence <br />run North 00 deg. 24' 47 East a distance of 60.00 feet to the Point of <br />Beginning. Thence continue North 00 deg. 24' 47" East a distance of 562.66 feet <br />to a point. Then run South 89 deg. 11' 18" East a distance of 56 feet to a <br />point. Thence run South 00 deg. 24' 47" West a distance of 562.66 feet to a <br />point. Thence run North 89 deg. 11' 18" West a distance of 56 feet to the Point <br />of Beginning. Said land now lying and being in Indian River County, Florida. <br />Cr <br />