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Exhibit "Aff <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT <br />TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICE LEDGER <br />SPEED LIMIT ZONES <br />AUGUST 1994 <br />PAGE 2 <br />SPEED <br />ROADWAY <br />FROM <br />TO <br />LIMIT <br />CR512 <br />�?0'1� SR. 60 <br />W FELL CTY LMT <br />55 <br />CR512 <br />SR. 60 <br />W FELL CTY LMT <br />.- <br />TRUCKS 45 <br />CR512 <br />W FELL CTY LMT <br />E FELL CTY LMT <br />30 <br />CR512 <br />E FELL CTY LMT <br />SEB RIVER <br />55 <br />CR512 <br />E FELL CTY LMT <br />SEB RIVER <br />:. <br />TRUCKS 45 <br />CR512 <br />SEB RIVER <br />LOUISIANA <br />45 <br />CR512 <br />LOUISIANA <br />INDIAN RIVER <br />35 <br />ROSELAND RD <br />IR DRIVE <br />us. 1 <br />30 <br />ROSELAND RD <br />Usl <br />125TH PL <br />35 <br />ROSELAND RD <br />125TH PL <br />CR 512 <br />r <br />46 <br />37TH ST <br />IR BLVD <br />Usl <br />35 <br />IR BLVD <br />53RD ST <br />Usl <br />45 <br />6TH AVE <br />US <br />21 ST ST <br />30 <br />IR DRIVE <br />N US 1 <br />S us 1 <br />30 <br />OLD DIXIE <br />N US 1 <br />500'N OF 45TH ST <br />45 <br />OLD DIXIE <br />500'N OF 45TH ST <br />S us 1 <br />35 <br />OLD DIXIE <br />20TH ST <br />SEMINOLE <br />30 <br />OLD DIXIE <br />SEMIIN <br />S COUNTY LINE <br /><> <br />35 <br />20TH AVE <br />17TH ST SW <br />OSLO RD <br />35 <br />20TH AVE <br />OSLO RD <br />S RELIEF <br />45 <br />20TH AVE <br />S RELIEF <br />20th ST <br />35 <br />43RD AVE <br />S COUNTY LINE <br />49TH ST <br />45 <br />58TH AVE <br />S COUNTY LINE <br />ATLANTIC BLVD <br />45 <br />58TH AVE <br />...... <br />ATLANTIC BLVD <br />... <br />26TH ST <br />35 <br />58TH AVE <br />26TH ST <br />45TH ST <br />45 <br />58TH AVE <br />...... <br />45TH ST <br />..... <br />200'S 75TH ST <br />a <br />55 <br />58TH AVE <br />200'S 75TH ST <br />200'S 81ST ST <br />45 <br />58TH AVE <br />200'S 81ST ST <br />CR510 <br />35 <br />CR507 <br />CR512 <br />105TH ST <br />30 <br />CR507 <br />105TH ST <br />N COUNTY LINE <br />. <br />45 <br />PAGE 2 <br />