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WHEREAS, AMTRAK presently does notrovi <br />de ice to <br />heavily populated coastal commumities between Jacksonville and <br />Miami; and <br />WHEREAS, the existing Florida East Coast freight rail lines <br />between Jacksonville and West Palm Beach will facilitate this <br />service contingent upon improvements to accomodate passenger <br />train service; and <br />WHEREAS, regular AMTRAK service along the East Coast would <br />provide Treasure Coast and Florida residents with a <br />transportation alternative, and better, more diverse service; and <br />WHEREAS, regular AMTRAK service would facilitate inter -city <br />transportation service and commence by connecting Treasure Coast <br />communities such as Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, Stuart and West Palm <br />Beach to Miami, Jacksonville and other important destinations; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, such service could significantly enhance ridership <br />on the Tri -County Rail and metrorail, a facility of significant <br />State and Federal investment; and <br />WHEREAS, such service would help to revitalize existing <br />Coastal Cities, a goal and objective of state, regional, and <br />local concern; and <br />WHEREAS, such service would otherwise provide diverse and <br />numerous benefits to the residents of the Treasure Coast Region <br />and its economy: <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County <br />Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, that the Board <br />supports the concept of AMTRAK service between Jacksonville and <br />Miami along the east coast corridor of the Florida East Coast <br />Railway, connecting with West Palm Beach and Tri -County Rail, and <br />the Board further supports the efforts of the Florida Department <br />of Transportation, CSX, FEC, Tri -Rail and AMTRAK to provide <br />passenger service as soon as possible. <br />This resolution was moved for adoption by Commissioner <br />seconded by Commissioner Placht , and was adopted <br />""Vle folio <br />wing vote: <br />Chairman John W. Tippin Aye <br />Vice Chairman Kenneth R. Macht Aye <br />Commissioner Fran B. Adams Aye <br />Commissioner Carolyn K. Eggert Aye <br />Commissioner Richard N. Bird Aye <br />