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,t <br />S. There is no license fee required for police dogs <br />(sheriff and municipal police departments), sight <br />z <br />assisting dogs and hearing assistance dogs; <br />however, said dogs are required to be licensed. <br />9. All licensing fees are to be paid to the <br />Department of Emergency Services, Animal Control <br />Division of Indian River County, Florida. <br />b. Impoundment Fees <br />` <br />t <br />$5.00 per diem or part thereof for all animals. <br />C. Redemption Penalties in addition to Impoundment Fees <br />First Offense Wavier <br />Second Offense $15.00 <br />Third Offense $30.00 <br />Fourth Offense and subsequent offenses $60.00 <br />d. Impoundment fees and redemption penalties shall be paid <br />during business hours at the Office of the Clerk of <br />the Circuit Court, Indian River County Courthouse, <br />2145 14th Avenue, Vero Beach, Florida. Impoundment <br />and redemption penalties shall be paid during <br />non -business hours at a location to be designated by <br />the Animal Control Director. <br />e. An owner shall pay all actual expenses or fees <br />incurred f hi h th C <br />or w e e ounty has obligated itself for <br />additional care for quarantine or veterinary services <br />as an impoundment fee, at time of redemption of the <br />animal. <br />f. Rabies vaccination prepayment fee for redemption shall <br />be $15.00 per animal. <br />g. Civil Penalties for violation of the Code: <br />(See attached Exhibit "A") <br />h. All fees, penalties, charges and expenses shall be paid <br />prior to release of an animal from an impoundment <br />facility. <br />2 <br />