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7.A. Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Recycling Event on June 1, 2019 <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />8. CONSENT AGENDA <br />8.A. Checks and Electronic Payments May 3, 2019 to May 9, 2019 <br />Attachments: Finance Department Staff Report <br />8.B. Amendment Number 1 to the Agreement for Professional Services 45th Street <br />Improvements (IRC -1722) - RFQ 2018012 <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />Amendment Number 1 to Agreement for Professional Services <br />8.C. Work Order No. 3 - Atkins North America, Inc. IRC -1712 - Wabasso Fishing Pier <br />Demolition Project <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />Work Order Number 3 <br />8.D. Approval of Work Order No. GKE 1 with GK Environmental, Inc. for <br />Environmental Permitting, Gopher Tortoise Surveys, Gopher Tortoise Relocation <br />Services, and Landscaping Design Assistance Services for the Moorhen Marsh Low <br />Energy Aquatic Plant System (LEAPSTM) <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />Work Order No. GKE 1 <br />8.E. Approval of SJRWMD Cost -Share Grant for Moorhen Marsh Low Energy Aquatic <br />Plant System <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />Cost -Share Agreement with SJRWMD (Contract #34516) <br />IRC Grant Form <br />8.F. Authorization to Negotiate - RFP 2019030 Vending Services <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />8.G. Bruce Scully and Sylvia Rose's Request for Release of a Portion of an Easement at <br />6645 46th Drive (Crystal Falls of Vero Subdivision) <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />Maps of Easement <br />Proposed Resolution <br />8.H. 26th Street - Advance Acquisition of Right -of -Way 2625 58th Court, Vero Beach, <br />FL 32966 Owner: Thomas G. Crouch & Therese B. Crouch <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />Purchase Agreement <br />May 21, 2019 Page 2 of,5 <br />