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7.A. Appointment of Commissioner Joseph E. Flescher to District 19 Medical Examiner <br />Search Committee <br />Attachments: Commissioner's Memorandum <br />7.B. Proclamation Celebrating Michelle Perrault on Her Forty Years of Continuous <br />Service with the Indian River County Property Appraiser's Office <br />Attachments: Proclamation <br />7.C. Application to the Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources <br />for the Archie Smith Fish House (Special Category) and Jones' Pier Conservation <br />Area (Small Matching) <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />2019 0605 Archie Smith Fish House DHR Grant Form NF <br />2019 0605 Jones Pier DHR Grant Form NF <br />7.D. Order PSC -2019 -0211 -PCO -EI suspending FPL's proposed underground <br />residential differential tariffs and associated charges; docket to remain open <br />pending Commission vote on the proposed tariff revision, is on file in the Office of <br />the Clerk to the Board. <br />7.E. PAA Order PSC -2019 -0218 -PAA -EI approving AFUDC rate for FPL, effective <br />1/1/19; AFUDC rate for FPL is 6.22 percent based on a 13 -month average capital <br />structure for the period ended 12/31/18; if no timely protest, order to become final <br />and effective on issuance of a CO; docket to be closed; protest due 6/24/19. This <br />document is on file in the Office of the Clerk to the Board. <br />7.F. TRF Order PSC -2019 -0220 -TRF -EI approving FPL's petition for optional <br />three-year supplemental power services program and tariffs; tariffs shall become <br />effective 90 days after the date of order approving the program;...if order becomes <br />final, docket to be closed; protest due 6/24/19. This document is on file in the <br />Office of the Clerk to the Board. <br />7.G. Order No. PSC -2019 -0222 -TRF -EI granting Florida Power & Light Company's <br />petition for approval to amend street lighting, outdoor lighting and LED lighting <br />pilot tariffs is on file in the Office of the Clerk to the Board <br />8. CONSENT AGENDA <br />8.A. Checks and Electronic Payments May 24, 2019 to May 30, 2019 <br />Attachments: Finance Department Staff Report <br />8.B. Recommendation of Final Payment of Work Order AA -1 to Andersen Andre <br />Consulting Engineers, Inc. for Construction Material Testing and Monitoring <br />Services for Osprey Acres Floway and Nature Preserve <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />Application for Payment No. 4 (Final) <br />June 11, 2019 Page 2 of 6 <br />