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Board of Commissioners <br />Meeting Minutes - Final May 21, 2019 <br />15. SPECIAL DISTRICTS AND BOARDS <br />A. Emergency Services District <br />15.A.1. 19-0426 <br />Recommended Action: <br />The Board reconvened as the Board of Commissioners of the Emergency <br />Services District. The minutes will be approved at an upcoming Emergency <br />Services District meeting. <br />Approval of Affiliation Agreement Renewal between Eastern Florida State <br />College and Indian River County Emergency Services District. <br />Staff recommends approval of the first one (1) year extension of the Affiliation <br />Agreement between Eastern Florida State College and Indian River County <br />Emergency Services District. <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />First Extension Affiliation Agreement IRCESD and EFSC <br />A motion was made by Commissioner O'Bryan, seconded by Vice Chairman <br />Adams, to approve staffs recommendation. The motion carried by the following <br />vote: <br />Aye: 4 - Chairman Solari, Vice Chairman Adams, Commissioner O'Bryan, and <br />Commissioner Zorc <br />Absent: 1 - Commissioner Flescher <br />Indian River County Florida <br />Page 1 <br />