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• <br />Board of County Commissioners <br />Meeting Minutes - Final March 3, 2020 <br />. CALL TO ORDER <br />Present: . 5 Chairman Susan Adams <br />Vice Chairman Joseph Flescher <br />Commissioner Tim Zorc <br />Commissioner Peter O'Bryan <br />Commissioner Bob Solari <br />2.A. A MOMENT OF SILENT REFLECTION FOR FIRST RESPONDERS AND MEMBERS OF <br />THE ARMED FORCES <br />2.B. INVOCATION <br />Minister Jack White of Gifford Church of Christ <br />3. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br />Commissioner Bob Solari <br />4. ADDITIONS/DELETIONS TO THE AGENDA / EMERGENCY ITEMS <br />ADDED: Additional backup materials for Item 8.L. Miscellaneous Budget <br />Amendment 005 <br />A motion was made by Vice Chairman Flescher, seconded by Commissioner O'Bryan, <br />to approve the Agenda as amended. The motion carried by the following vote: <br />Aye: 5 - Chairman Adams, Vice Chairman Flescher, Commissioner Zorc, Commissioner <br />O'Bryan, and Commissioner Solari <br />5. PROCLAMATIONS and PRESENTATIONS <br />5.A. 20-1302 Presentation of Proclamation Designating the Month of March, 2020, As March for <br />Meals Month <br />Recommended Action: Recommend. Read and Present <br />Attachments: Proclamation <br />Chairman Adams read and presented the Proclamation to Karen Deigl, CEO, Senior <br />Resource Association, who provided information about the number of county <br />residents assisted by the various Meals on Wheels nutrition programs. <br />No Action Taken or Required <br />5.B. 20-1332 Presentation of Proclamation on Partnering with the 2020 Census to Ensure an <br />Accurate Count for Indian River County <br />Recommended Action Read and Present <br />Indian River County Florida Page 1 <br />