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Board of Commissioners <br />SWDD Meeting Minutes — Final May 5, 2020 <br />15. SPECIAL DISTRICTS AND BOARDS <br />B. Solid Waste Disposal District <br />The Board of County Commissioners reconvened as the Board of <br />Commissioners of the Solid Waste Disposal District. The minutes will be <br />approved at an upcoming Solid Waste Disposal District meeting. <br />15.B.1. 20-1529 Amendment No. 2 to SiteCrafters of Florida <br />Recommended Action: Staff recommends the Board: 1. Waive requirements for bids for the additional <br />work as Sitecrafters of Florida, Inc. is under an existing contract agreement for <br />yard waste site improvements, and this is an extension of their work; and, 2. <br />Approve Amendment No. 2 to Sitecrafters of Florida, Inc., and authorize the <br />Chairman to sign the agreement, after review and approval of the additional <br />public construction bond by the County Attorney as to form and legal <br />sufficiency <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />Amendment No 2 <br />Director of Utility Services Vincent Burke used a PowerPoint presentation in <br />his update of the work done to clean up and improve the Solid Waste Disposal <br />District's yard waste site. Referring to staffs memo of April 24, 2020, he <br />discussed the next phase of improvements, and noted that the additional work <br />was within budget. <br />Chairman Adams commended the site improvements. <br />A motion was made by Commissioner Solari, seconded by Commissioner <br />O'Bryan, to approve staffs recommendation. The motion carried by the <br />following vote: <br />Aye: 5 - Chairman Adams, Vice Chairman Flescher, Commissioner Zorc, Commissioner <br />O'Bryan, and Commissioner Solari <br />Indian River County Florida <br />Page 1 <br />