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L <br />B/ e\es(REea\.faowo,le>LEOAn(woc/nt.m) _ <br />RESOLUTION NO. 93-172a <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />FLORIDA, DELEGATING THE AUTHORITY TO <br />EXECUTE AGREEMENTS FOR THE TRANSFER OF <br />RESPONSIBILITY FOR REQUIRED BIKEWAY AND <br />SIDEWALK IMPROVEMENTS TO THE PUBLIC WORKS <br />DIRECTOR OR HIS DESIGNEE. <br />WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River <br />County, Florida passed Ordinance No. 93-29, effective as of September 20, <br />1993; and <br />WHEREAS, such ordinance provided site plan and subdivision <br />developers the options of constructing required sidewalk and bikeway <br />segments; bonding out the construction requirements for sidewalks and <br />bikeways; or transferring to the County the obligation to construct the <br />required sidewalk and bikeway segments by cash payment of funds equal to <br />one hundred percent (100%) of the estimated cost of construction and <br />executing an agreement for the transfer of the responsibility for required <br />improvements; and <br />WHEREAS, having approved by law the option of such agreements <br />for the transfer of the responsibility for required improvements, the Board <br />wishes to delegate to its Public Works Director or his designee the authority <br />to execute such agreements, where sidewalks and bikeways are required in <br />conjunction with site plan, planned development and subdivision development <br />approvals, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, that the Public <br />Works Director of Indian River County or his designee is authorized to <br />execute such agreements for the transfer of responsibility for required <br />bikeway and sidewalk improvements for any project for which a site plan, <br />planned development or subdivision approval has been granted by Indian <br />River County. <br />The resolution was moved for adoption by Commissioner T i p p i n , <br />and the motion was seconded by Commissioner Eggert , and, upon being <br />put to a vote, the vote was as follows: <br />Chairman Richard N. Bird Aye <br />Vice Chairman John W. Tippin Aye <br />Commissioner Fran B. Adams Aye <br />Commissioner Carolyn K. Eggert Aye <br />Commissioner Kenneth R. Macht Aye <br />The Chairman thereupon declared the resolution duly passed and <br />adopted this _ 5 day of n c t n h e r 1993. <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />rVd/!/o <br />Byf <br />Richard N. Bird, Chairman <br />Je {: Barton, girls