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- <br />E tv, ' trail DOCUMENTARY -NIAMPS <br />�irAr� 11 t',`,liri;ti DEED! Vs.go <br />NOTE ! <br />4UIT-CLAIM DEED JEMEY K. BARTON, WRK <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />THIS INDENTURE, made this A'1 day of October, 1993, between <br />PATSY `8. HELSETH, HARRY C. OFFUTT, III and PHILLIP R. HELSETH, SR., as <br />rrustess under Phillip R. Helseth, Sr. 1982 Living Trust dated July 1, 1982, <br />#home .address is P. O. Box 650053, Vero Beach, FL 32965, GRANTOR ca <br />and <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, whose <br />address is 1840 25th Street, Vero Beach, Florida 32960, GRANTEE <br />W I T N E 8 S X T H: <br />That GRANTOR, for and in consideration of the sum of $10.00 and other good and <br />valuable consideration to GRANTOR in hand paid by GRANTEE, the receipt of which is <br />hereby acknowledged, has granted, bargained, and sold to the GRANTEE, and GRANTEE•s <br />heirs and assigns forever, the following described land (the "Promises"), situate, <br />lying, and being in Indian River County, Florida: <br />SEX EXHIBIT "A" ATTACHED HERETO AND MADE A PART HEREOF <br />TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same together with all and singular the appurtenances <br />thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining, and all the estate, right, title <br />Interest, lien, equity and claim whatsoever of GRANTOR, either in law or in equity, <br />for the use, benefit and profit of the said GRANTEE forever. <br />Signed in the presence of: <br />Patsy E. Helseth, Harry C. Offutt, III and <br />Phillip R. Helseth, Sr., as Trustees under <br />Phillip R. Helseth, 8r. Living Trust dated July <br />1982 <br />Patsy E. Hol t Trust e <br />P. O. Box 650053 <br />Vero Bpach, FL 32965 <br />2,11 <br />Hargy C. Of;uIII', Trustee <br />P./ . Box 639053 <br />Vero Beach/ FL 32965 <br />int Nems larnp Phillip R. He%Beth; Sr., Trustee <br />P. O. Box 650053 <br />Vero Beach, FL 32965 Af PPOVC_D A TO FORM <br />Print Nemo- Bruce Barka t A14D S1(1,jocy: <br />STATE OF FLORIDA CI}�rloS P. 1'I!''} <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER <br />County Allomey <br />The foregoing instrument we acknowledged before me this �� day of October, <br />1993, by PATSY E. HELSETH and PHILLIP R. HELSETH, SR., Truetees on behalf of said <br />trust, who are personally known to me. <br />Notary Public, State Of Florida at Large.– <br />Commisgipa elptrMat <br />BRENDA L HORNE <br />STATE OF FLORIDA N�m!�� toofFW 1VET <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER COMM.ICC3167Q7 <br />The foregoing instrument was a ud- �_— <br />1993, by HARRY C. OFFUTT, III, Trusteeonof said trust, who day <br />isopersonally <br />known to me. <br />THIS INSTRUMENT PREPARED BY: <br />rr 'O Bruce Barkett, Eaq. <br />' V AZ COIIIne, Brown a Caldwell Chartered <br />p 756_Beachland Boulevard <br />Vero 0ach, 7L 32963 <br />U�A�k �.•v ' x �i d77 <br />Notary Public, S ate of Florida at Large. <br />Hy Commission expires: <br />��oTRodda <br />MYCWNWW nb0mOCT23.1001 <br />COMM./CC316100 <br />