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r7 470 <br />RTSOLVED , Further, That the Clerk of the Circuit Court and Clerk. of this Board, <br />be and he is hereby directed to furnish to W. R*. Duncan, Tax Assessor of Indian River <br />county, a full and complete copy of the fore'oing minutes in so far as the same relates <br />to the subject of levying taxes, describing boundaries, etc. <br />RESOLVED, Farther, That the Clerk and Auditor of the county be notified of the <br />amount to be apportioned to the different accounts out of the total taxes levied for <br />all purposes. <br />It was ordered that the County Attorney be paid one half of the amount appropriated <br />to defend mandams action against the Tax Collector, as soon as the suit has been filed. <br />The several bills and accounts against the County, having been audited, were <br />and found correct, were approved and warrants ordered issued in settlement of same. Such <br />bills and accounts being on file in the office of Clerk Circuit Court. The warrants <br />issued from the respective funds being listed completely in the County Finance Record <br />as provided by law, reference to such record and the list so recorded being made a part <br />of these minutes as fully and completely as if the surae were set out herein in detail. <br />There being no further business on motion made, seconded and carried the Board then <br />adjourned until the regular meeting to be held in September 1933. <br />ATTEBT : Chairman <br />C 1 e r k. <br />TUESDAY, SEPTEIMER 5th 1933. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />the Court Rouse in <br />Vero Beach, <br />Florido., <br />at 10:00 <br />o'clock A.M.Tuesday, September 5th 1933 <br />with the following <br />members of <br />the Board <br />present: <br />J.J.P.Bamilton; J.D.Yongue; John H. <br />Knight and Edwin A. He lseth. Also present were Miles Warren, Clerk and William Frick <br />Sheriff. <br />The minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved. <br />It was ordered that bridge be replaced over sub -lateral ditch No. R-1 just west of <br />point at which it enters range line canal and also open up road to traffic from Osceola <br />Boulevard along range line canal to West terminal of Glendale Avenue, when funds are <br />available to do this work. <br />Troy E. Moody, Tax Collector, appeared before the Board regarding reduction in his <br />official bond from x$209000.00 as at present. Af ter discussion on motion made, seconded <br />and carried it was ordered that the Bond of the Tax Collector be set at $10,000.00 <br />instead of $20,000.00 as heretofore until the further orders of this Board. <br />On motion made, seconded and carried it was ordered the Sheriff be instructed to <br />prosecute all persons cutting timber on lands where taxes have not been paid. <br />The Notary Public bond of Troy E Moody in the sum of $500.00 withAmerican Surety <br />Company, a corporation, as surety was approved. <br />The mothers Pension application of Xina Et ters 9 Wabasso, was received and careful <br />considered. It was ordered that this application be held until the new County Commiss <br />from that District has been appointed by the Governor and duly commissioned, it appear- <br />ing the applicant resides in County Commissioners District No. 2. <br />ner <br />I- <br />11 <br />Ll <br />1-1 <br />