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Board of Commissioners <br />ESD Meeting Minutes - Final June 9, 2020 <br />A. Emergency Services District <br />(Clerk's Note: The Emergency Services District items were heard following Item <br />8. Consent Agenda, and are placed here for continuity.) <br />The Board of County Commissioners reconvened as the Board of <br />Commissioners of the Emergency Services District. The minutes will be <br />approved at an upcoming Emergency Services District meeting. <br />15.A.1. 20-1622 Approval of Minutes Meeting of February 18, 2020 <br />Recommended Action: Approve <br />Attachments: 02182020ESD Draft <br />A motion was made by Commissioner O'Bryan, seconded by Vice Chairman <br />Flescher, to approve the Emergency Services District Meeting Minutes of <br />February 18, 2020. The motion carried by the following vote: <br />Aye: 5 - Chairman Adams, Vice Chairman Flescher, Commissioner Zorc, Commissioner <br />O'Bryan, and Commissioner Solari <br />15.A.2. 20-1626 Purchase of Parcel of Property for New Location of Station 7 <br />Recommended Action: <br />Staff recommends the Board approve the Commercial Contract to purchase the <br />1.99 acres from Vero West for the amount of $430,000 with the existing <br />contract contingencies and authorize the Chairman to sign on behalf of the <br />Board. <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />Commercial Contract <br />Commissioner Zorc discussed site improvements that would be necessary for <br />the parcel of land at 1855 98th Avenue. He recommended directing Public <br />Works Director Rich Szpyrka to return to the Board during the due -diligence <br />period with an estimate of the site -improvement costs. County Attorney Dylan <br />Reingold clarified that the 15 -day due -diligence period, stated in the <br />Commercial Contract, would give the buyer the opportunity to decide if the <br />property would be suitable for their needs. <br />Commissioner Zorc then mentioned that the property was sold to the current <br />owner in March of 2020. Emergency Services Director Tad Stone stated that <br />he had looked at the property when the parcel was on the market previously, but <br />there was not access to 18th Street, as the access easement was not available to <br />be purchased at the time. County Administrator Jason Brown provided <br />background related to the prior sale of the property. He made mention that <br />water and sewer were readily available at the location being discussed, and he <br />spoke in favor of the purchase. <br />Indian River County Florida Page 1 <br />