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SUBREGIONAL PLANT - A treatment plant designated to <br />provide service to a general area of the County as defined in <br />the Utility Element of the Comprehensive Plan. <br />SYSTF�. - For convenience, the term "system" shall be <br />used to designate the assets, business properties and rights <br />which UTILITY owns or in which it has a legal interest, but not <br />including the "excluded assets," which are being purchased by <br />COUNTY and which include the following: <br />(1) The real estate owned or leased by UTILITY described in <br />Exhibit "D" and all buildings and improvements owned by <br />UTILITY located thereon. UTILITY shall transfer or cause <br />to be transferred fee simple title to all of said real <br />property, including that which is now leased, subject to <br />an easement for effluent disposal purposes. <br />(2) All easements, licenses and rights of way and consents <br />owned by UTILITY for the construction, operation and <br />maintenance of the system, including the easements <br />specifically set forth in Exhibit "D". <br />(3) All sewage treatment plants, sewage collection lines and <br />facilities, effluent disposal facilities of every kind and <br />description whatsoever, including collection mains, <br />transmission mains, effluent distribution pipes, lift <br />stations or facilities, valy( , service connections, and <br />all other physical facilities and property installations <br />in use in connection with the system operated by the <br />UTILITY under the name of SEA OAKS UTILITIES, INC. <br />(4) All UTILITY franchises of every character whatsoever and <br />all certificates, immunities, privileges, permits, <br />licenses, license rights, easements, consents, grants, <br />ordinances, leaseholds, right of way, and all rights to <br />construct, maintain and operate plants and systems for the <br />collection of sewage and for the distribution and <br />transmission of treated effluent as irrigation water and <br />every right of every character whatever in connection <br />therewith; all agreements for the supply of sewer service <br />to UTILITY or others; and all renewals, extensions, <br />additions or modifications of any of the foregoing; and <br />all rights granted to UTILITY under the franchise <br />described in Exhibit "A". <br />(5) The items of inventory described in Exhibit "A". <br />(G) Copies of all past and current customer records, books, <br />prints, plans, engineering reports, surveys, <br />specifications, shop drawings, equipment manuals and other <br />information required by COUNTY which are in possession of <br />UTILITY and its agents on the closing date pertaining to <br />the operation of the system. <br />(7) A set of record drawings, including as -built drawings, if <br />available, showing all facilities of the utility system, <br />including structural, mechanical and electrical details. <br />Such drawings shall also include any original tracing, <br />sepias or other reproducible material where same is in <br />possession of UTILITY. <br />(8) All rights and obligations of UTILITY under the <br />Developer's Agreements described in Exhibit "B". With <br />respect to the Developer's Agreements, the parties <br />recognize that these Agreements provide for the payment by <br />Developers to UTILITY of sums of money described in such <br />Developer's Agreements as "Guaranteed Revenues" and/or <br />"Connection Charges." <br />Fa <br />